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  1. Wanting a new episode. Any idea when this will come out?
  2. yeah you said 'There is no way this WON'T get done by the end of this month."
  3. Yes it will?? Why would it not??
  4. Yes for sure! Great Wolfs Parking lot or driving by is gtg.
  5. I know its sad....ill try and be up there soon and get some shots of it if i can.
  6. Ehh idk just found it thought i would share. Is there any harm to that?
  7. is that an app on the app store or you talking about Adobe Light room?
  8. what app did you use to put the "watermark"
  9. are you the one that runs this f5 coasters?
  10. Oh trust me i understand!! I love that station, its the most iconic station ive ever seen. i would hate to see it go. im just saying it dont look like it in the near future.
  11. The station more than likely will not be saved i asked Don and he said he was not sure but didnt see any plans to "save" the station as of now. But i have to agree with him. He said if it still remains then that only reminds you of what used to be, better to look at the future.
  12. Look what I found. Found on Fye’s Facebook
  13. Yes then testing will being in March after all the electric work is done
  14. Per Don, the whole ride should be completed by the end of January!
  15. Yes, I went last year!! Amazing time. They let you rome the park and they have certain times for certain things. Other than like lunch and the speaking portion, you are on your own. Its super fun!!
  16. Anyone going to Chillout next year at Cp? We have a 0800 time. https://www.cedarpoint.com/play/events/winter-chill-out
  17. yeah i get to have them the same 2 years in a row but 3 years Tinkles Toy factory is getting a little old imo lol
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