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  1. Someone call Clermont Steel ask them who they use lol
  2. Hey!! I follow you guys on Facebook didnt know you were on here!

  3. Hopefully they start the lift hill soon, i hope they are done by the end of Haunt!! That would be bad a$$ to see that above the fog!!
  4. Right lol i think i might have a extra TV laying around not sure. Thanks for sharing!
  5. wow he11 yeah. thats awesome. Great picture too it looks like.
  6. True, i should go buy a cheap $100 TV just for this lol
  7. Nice!! What are you using to stream that to the tv with like a chromecast or something?
  8. Awesome thanks, sorry im new to this site. I love Ki been going for 30 plus years!!
  9. Maybe making the ravine bigger? Tunnel? that would be cool
  10. Do you guys think there will be a huge plaza area like they have for Banshee?
  11. What was everyones thoughts on Rivertown Reaping, we walked through it close to closing time and there were hardly any monsters.
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