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  1. KI would need 3 more B&Ms in order to have the numbers advantage over Six Flags Great Adventure which has 5 B&Ms currently (Batman, Nitro, Green Lantern, Bizzaro, and Superman). Not saying numbers are what determines the "Best B&M Park" though because three of Great Adventures B&Ms are clones. Also, there are 6 (5 if you don't count family coasters) parks other than KI that have 3 B&Ms(Alton Towers, BG Tampa, BG Williamsburg, Canada's Wonderland, Happy Valley Beijing, and SW Orlando), and there are 5 parks that have 4 B&Ms(Carowinds, CP, Six Flags Great America, Six Flags Magic Mountain, and Six Flags Over Georgia). Most of this info just came from Wikipedia which I hope is a credible source here... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolliger_%26_Mabillard
  2. From looking at the weatherbug this morning I don’t see Zeus... I wonder if he is getting moved or being broken down to be shipped away.
  3. So I'm super curious with Orion's layout having that dip in the ground will they be able to move the cranes to the other side of that fully assembled or will they have to disassemble them to move them first? Also, I would imagine that they would only need two cranes going forward since that is all they used for Fury's construction. It will be interesting to see which one of the three cranes goes first.
  4. If there is a time lapse of the lift going up eventually then I will totally forgive KI for taking down the cams. If there isn't then I will be sad, but it's not gonna keep me from riding this monster next year!
  5. It was also designed by Alan Schilke and we all know what he has done with RMC Also I totally agree. Makes me wish that more of the arrow loopers were designed that way... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. It seems that the cranes are getting into position to lift the last straight piece of the lift based on the weatherbug cam. If they start lifting it in the next hour then it maybe could be topped off today. If not, then I would be surprised (weather permitting) if it wasn't topped off by tomorrow.
  7. It looks like it should stop raining in an hour or so. I would imagine they get some work done later today even if it's just staging more pieces for the top off.
  8. Here is a local news article about the incident. Not a ton of details were given. https://wydaily.com/local-news/2019/10/24/worker-falls-while-working-at-busch-gardens-flown-to-sentara-in-norfolk/
  9. Also with what happened during Pantheon's construction the other week where a worker got seriously injured.
  10. Therefore Kings Island > Canada's Wonderland. That's just simple math
  11. The angle of that pic makes it look like the drop just goes straight into the earth which is pretty sweet
  12. I wonder how they are going to top it off since that is the last support. Will they attach the last pieces on the ground and then put it up all at once? Or will they put a few pieces up at a time?
  13. Last time I rode it during Haunt I was in the front row and it was surprisingly smooth. I still really enjoy the ride and have to agree with @Fitzcoasts14 that the launch and last corkscrew are my favorite parts of the ride.
  14. Definitely a pretty stagnant day on the weatherbug cam due to the rain and high winds, but hopefully with the more sunny weather tomorrow we will see that last large support finished and another piece of the drop placed!
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