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  1. Yeah, it's kind of hard to see in the animated picture since it's behind/under a bunch of other track and supports.
  2. So to me it looks like we have all supports up for the helix except possibly two of them? I don't see support 3, but it could just be hiding and I think support 12 hasn't gone up yet.
  3. My guess is they will try to move the cranes as little as possible for building the helix so they may work from right to left when building it?
  4. It's crazy how much track work they got done this week compared to the rest of the construction. Just looking back at Monday and now to today the entire hill plus some is done and that's not really a short element. I feel like the helix may take longer than a week to complete since there are so many more supports that need to be built compared to the mainly single supports that are on the hill before it, but we will see. Looking at the layout there are 11 multi-piece supports that have to be built compared to the three multi-piece supports on the hill prior. If the crews work on the next two Saturdays I could see them being done by the 31st, but if they don't I think the first (or second if the weather is bad) week of February is when track will be completed.
  5. The last support for the descent just went up.
  6. Also the triangle support just below your arrow looks like it is in place as well.
  7. True, the view from the MT cam looks pretty clear at this point and the hill they are working on currently is just a little bit taller than Mystic's lift hill.
  8. Looks like the next support is going up now.
  9. It's easier to see Vortex on the DB cam this morning and it looks like the Batwing is still there.
  10. T-Bone used camouflage. It was super effective! It took me a sec to find him lol
  11. This might be a dumb question, but do we know if all the track is on site yet?
  12. That support has been there for a while. It was there on the 5th which is when this pic is from.
  13. I would imagine they didn't put the speed hill up before the wave-ish turn because the gap between those support beams is probably big enough to fit a piece of track through it with plenty of tolerance to not worry about it swinging into a support.
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