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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I have been to a good number of parks, but not a lot of the big ones so here is my current Top 5 coasters. I'll be brief with the ones most people here have ridden, but go into a bit more detail with the ones that a good number of people here probably haven't ridden. #5: Millenium Force (Cedar Point) The first and currently only giga coaster I have ridden and what a fantastic ride. I know it doesn't have crazy airtime or a ton of really forceful moments, but it is just so rerideable and that is one of my favorite things in a coaster. #4: Mystic Timbers (Kings Island) This
  2. I have ridden Wonder Woman at SFFT and I will say the restraints are definitely worse than the regular RMC restraints which I personally like. I think they are only really slightly painful during the strong ejector moments when the collars can dig into your shoulder. However, the ride is short and extremely fast paced so it doesn't take away very much at all from the experience.
  3. There is one final piece being loaded onto the truck right now!
  4. Finally! It hasn't been this clean besides when it gets washed off by rain for several months now.
  5. I like the 4D Free Spins as well and wouldn't mind if KI got one, but like the other two have mentioned something custom would be my preference. Having ridden Eejanaika I would kill to have a ride like it at KI or even at any park within a shortish driving distance. It is a truly insane ride and I wish every coaster enthusiast could get to experience it. However, I doubt many of those will get built in the future because they are just so expensive, but one can hope. Also, those don't have Free Spinning seats; they move with controlled motions at certain points during the ride.
  6. Was the camera down for just a couple of hours or a couple of days?
  7. Someone else might have a better answer to this since I wasn't here for Banshee or MT construction, but from looking back at those threads I believe the camera was left on during testing for both those rides. I would imagine they would do the same for Orion.
  8. I noticed that too lol, but hey I'll take a cam over no cam any day.
  9. There is a large piece of track that T-Bone is holding, but it hasn't moved in like an hour...
  10. Yeah I noticed them too! Also, T-Bone just placed another track piece and you can see it curving back up now.
  11. Not super surprised they took the camera down. Maybe it means something is in the works sooner than we have been lead to think
  12. I'm pretty sure the triangle support is this support.
  13. I think they might just be testing the range of the boom to make sure they can safely reach where the next piece goes.
  14. Only three supports left after this one!
  15. I think my preferences that are somewhat possible would be any type of RMC or any type of Mack launched ride. I would probably say for an RMC a ground-up I-Box would be my favorite, but a ground-up topper track would be sweet too. For the Mack coaster something a bit bigger than Copperhead Strike and with a top hat would be pretty sweet (see something like their Blue Fire model). Things I would also like, but are much less likely IMO are an Intamin multi-launch or an S&S ride similar to Steel Curtain. Pantheon looks amazing and having something like that at KI would be insane. The
  16. Just got put up. I mentioned it in the Orion Construction thread, but this is probably a better place to discuss it.
  17. Yeah they haven't really moved in a while it seems... The KI crew is doing some more work on The Racer it seems.
  18. Yeah it's kind of quite in here today XD
  19. Here is a side by side with two weeks ago. It's definitely hard to see, but the batwing definitely looks like it is still there. The entry and exit to the batwing may be gone though.
  20. Looks like we have our first post-headchopper support up.
  21. Cleo is sitting right behind the large maintenance shed. This looks like the same crane that was used to assemble the turnaround.
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