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  1. I think a big part of their decision is part availability. The state of Ohio requires OEM replacement parts on all coasters. With Arrow being out of business (and I know for a fact from people that I've spoken with) s&s does not own all the patents that Arrow once held. Thus, OEM parts are scarce. I believe Cedar Fair is probably trying to get the state to amend that law, but until then. Personally I was upset at the quick announcement for x-flight/Firehawk then I am for Vortex. I really liked X-Flight. I rode it over 25 times for the Discovery channel media shoot when it was at Geauga Lake. Rode it every visit at either park. I was bummed on the only day last year during The Haunt hat I could attend and it went down for the day. Vortex, like Invertigo if I didn't ride then on a particular visit, I was okay with that. Tomorrow I was planning to head down to Kings Island anyhow so I'll get my final Vortex rides in tomorrow.
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