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  1. Jeff is an awesome guy, he deserves a great retirement after helping to build one of the greatest rides and parks in the world. In 2011 I took my first trip to the park and through some emails was able to meet and get a tour with Jeff. Learning all he taught me helped cement me as the enthusiast and future engineer I am today. I'm sure he will be missed greatly.
  2. I agree with this 100% and is part of the reason why I believe Great Adventure has gone downhill in the last decade or so, they barley even have a classic left.
  3. Oh God, both those rides got toppled over. I don't think I can watch that with this one.
  4. I really just hope the station gets saved. Not only is it iconic, but we will never see another structure like it. It is probably my favorite station of all time.
  5. So it would appear one of Vortex's trains arrived at Carowinds. I'm curious as to if they will use the train on the ride or just part it out.
  6. My heart is sad, I can't believe this day is here
  7. I ordered mine through the website as soon as they popped up, so I'll let everyone know how it goes when they come in and how they are packaged.
  8. Think positively, at least the park is doing this at all. If not people would be paying stupid amounts more on ebay. I don't think any other park has tried this before, so I'm very happy about this. Kings Island cares about its community.
  9. I'm glad to at least see some love given to The Racer. I'm hoping for the parks 50th anniversary the ride gets a whole overhaul. I will say it is interesting on racer 75/ rebel yell how most parts are retracked and then a couple aren't, so you go from butter smooth to incredibly rough then back to butter smooth.
  10. Turns out they are just replacing Vortex with an exact replica, using modern engineering
  11. I guess they are just using them for parts then? Interesting as they all use first gen trains.
  12. If that was actually a thing I'm pretty sure the track and trains would just snap and you'd end up with a sever concussion/brain trauma
  13. So they are going south? Maybe the trains will at least stay in a King's park, albeit on a lesser arrow
  14. It really sounds like Cedar Fair isn't interested in keeping the other surviving arrows in tip top shape, but instead keeping them on life support until they no longer can. Basically like a giant band-aid.
  15. Not so much a meme, but whenever I think of Vortex this is all I can think of now.
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