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  1. Think positively, at least the park is doing this at all. If not people would be paying stupid amounts more on ebay. I don't think any other park has tried this before, so I'm very happy about this. Kings Island cares about its community.
  2. I'm glad to at least see some love given to The Racer. I'm hoping for the parks 50th anniversary the ride gets a whole overhaul. I will say it is interesting on racer 75/ rebel yell how most parts are retracked and then a couple aren't, so you go from butter smooth to incredibly rough then back to butter smooth.
  3. Turns out they are just replacing Vortex with an exact replica, using modern engineering
  4. I guess they are just using them for parts then? Interesting as they all use first gen trains.
  5. If that was actually a thing I'm pretty sure the track and trains would just snap and you'd end up with a sever concussion/brain trauma
  6. So they are going south? Maybe the trains will at least stay in a King's park, albeit on a lesser arrow
  7. It really sounds like Cedar Fair isn't interested in keeping the other surviving arrows in tip top shape, but instead keeping them on life support until they no longer can. Basically like a giant band-aid.
  8. Not so much a meme, but whenever I think of Vortex this is all I can think of now.
  9. Some things like that become engrained in your memory forever, I used to do the exact same thing. At least the Loch Ness Monster is still around because it's drop in the back is very similar to that of Vortex.
  10. I think over time Coasterdynamix has gotten more accurate and higher quality with their work, I hope in the future this continues and they just get better!
  11. After your done the model, let's all just band together, get the original blue prints and build a to scale model that we can ride. I think it's feasible. Does anyone have a welder?
  12. While keeping anything would be a miracle, I think keeping a loop is unlikely it sits in the middle of the area and sitting so high up would probably not make much sense in terms of future expansion, if anything I think the park would be much more likely to keep the boomerang/batwing. It already sits indented a bit and would look a little out of place without it, plus with it being such a famous picture location and probably the most famous spot on the coaster I could see the park leaving it as a memorial with a nice plaque in front of it explaining what the ride was.
  13. I emailed the park a little while back, and they got back to me that if you call the Kings Island warehouse they will be able to process and send out the new Nanocoasters, the next shipment should come in at some point this week and they will take your name and phone number for the time being, if anyone needs the number just let me know!
  14. I would also imagine Anaconda has a bit less stress on the Track and Structure, Vortex was a record breaker and had a longer layout which most likely meant more in maintenance. Not to mention just my theory, but I'd imagine having the corkscrews and loops so high in the air also didn't help. I'm thankful for 33 years, I want more, but she very well could have gone even sooner.
  15. I need more time to prepare myself, I'll never be ready. Here's to praying they do a plaque like they did for Son of Beast.
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