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  1. Hey if anyone is able to get me one and ship it to me I'd gladly be willing to pay them 100 bucks on top of the cost to do so, I live 9 hours away and I've been waiting for this for a good long time. I don't want to risk the online thing.
  2. It's gonna be so weird without Vortex on the Skyline. That part of the park was like going through a time machine back to the 80s. It's always been Beast, Racer and Vortex front and center since before I was even born. It's not gonna look right without that pretty arrow.
  3. I've applied to the seasonal ones too, regardless if I don't find a good job by April/may, I was considering being a ride op seasonally I'm just not too sure which Cedar Fair park to choose.
  4. Oh don't worry I've applied already, it's just getting in. With an associates in engineering and years experience fixing cars I'm hopeful but who knows. I would have loved to have been able to work on Vortex, but I think it might be a tad late for that now.
  5. Ah off season maintenance. That must be such a cool job. I wish I knew how to get in as a coaster mechanic.
  6. They still haven't found a nice middle ground though. If you are standing at the very end of Vortex's que it's only a 30 minute wait. If I had to stand all the way at the end of The Bat's... Well that's a scary thought.
  7. As long as he doesn't poop on the camera he is welcome.
  8. Trust me if we had a legal way of getting a piece we all would. Vortex has been my #1 since I was just a kid. I hit many milestones on it. I was there for the end. If the opportunity arises you'll hear it first here.
  9. Please God let them sell pieces, I need one!!!
  10. I don't think it's really about the publicity. I think it's more Ridership vs maintenance cost. If you look closely at recent pictures of Vortex you can see it was welded up literally everywhere. The steel clearly wasn't in the best shape. The upkeep cost most likely just became too much to justify vs the ridership. I'm sure the park would have loved to keep a classic, but money is the real factor here.
  11. I never even realized there was a gift shop at the end of King Cobra. Seems ahead of its time. I wonder if any pictures of it still exist
  12. I'd love to know what the other 2 original proposals for Vortex's site were. I find that stuff very interesting. Just like how there were multiple proposals from different manufacturers to build magnum.
  13. I wish they would do something like they did for Firehawk with the demolition updates. It can't be that hard to do. This is the most secretive demolition I've seen in a long time.
  14. At this point this is just aggravating. Like come on you can drive by the park and get the same view.
  15. At this point this is just aggravating. Like come on you can drive by the park and get the same view.
  16. Speaking in terms of Shockwave, since I didn't get to ride KC. The ride was completely different from a B&M. First off there was actual sustained airtime which is really weird to experience on a stand up, but it was so fun. Especially in the back row. Don't get me wrong the ride was a bit rough, but it was fun and the what I'd want in a stand up. It wasn't to forceful to hurt your legs like the B&M's. It was the perfect length for a stand up. Provided a good mixture of positive and negative g-force and was a unique experience. Again I can't speak for cobra, but Shockwave seemed to have pretty short lines at the end of its life. It still seemed reliable though
  17. Unfortunately I never got to ride King Cobra considering I was 4 when it closed, but I will say I grew up riding Shockwave at Kings Dominion and I went into it knowing the bad reputation the Togo stand ups had and came off pleasantly surprised. The airtime was awesome. Like standing airtime? It was so fun and I'd take the little Togo stand ups to the B&M's any day. I truly miss them. They weren't perfect by any means, but they were unique.
  18. The half painted Vortex pictures are pretty cool to look at. It looks so weird like that.
  19. I imagine it kinda like an old car, it might be crappy and not worth much, but they want to recoup their loses. Still it does seem a bit odd that they wouldn't just scrap a ride that was clearly past its expiration.
  20. When speaking with Jeff Gramke years ago, according to him around 2000 the ability to test metal fatigue accurately was just coming around and the metal on King Cobra was terrible to begin with so it had reached a point where it couldn't really withstand running year round anymore. Hence why the other two togo's lasted so much longer. The park wanted to get more years out of it, it just wasn't feasible and was somewhat a shock at how far gone it was.
  21. I just hope the quantities aren't super limited again if they do it. I have one of the SOB plaques and I believe it was 1 of 250, but Vortex is way more important to me.
  22. Nah don't worry the demolition is just a prank.
  23. Left side of the batwing is gone
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