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  1. I believe they said that was their plan anyways
  2. Wow they sure got alot of supports up today huh, good to see
  3. Not seeing any track work at all today, cranes not even moved that I've seen
  4. Waterdropgate is at it again I see
  5. Webcams not working for me, maybe it's my phone, anybody else having trouble?
  6. I'm sure there will be another software update to the webcams and internet when demolition time comes around, so doubtful we'll have a chance to see that
  7. It appears there are 2 workers on the lift hill right now, possibly walking on the stairs, no basket. Man that's up there hahaha
  8. Odd that my harmless post from yesterday joking about the white castle crane got deleted, seems pointless. Did that offend somebody somehow? Geez
  9. So it looks like White Castle is gone
  10. So now that Orion is topped off and when the railing and such is done being installed, will the 3 big cranes leave or will they keep a couple around for the taller hills?
  11. The webcams should be back up real soon since Orion is now being topped off
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