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  1. If they deny him then apparently they dont support the Police, and then God be with them
  2. So a few bad eggs in the bunch makes all bad huh...sounds pretty familiar to this day and age we live in today. Oh well, just my opinion obviously
  3. I'm not even a smoker but it's stupid to not keep the designated smoking areas for the smokers, it basically alienates those people. Are they bad or something?
  4. From my understanding Dollywood does have a strict mask policy
  5. Are masks optional in the park or on rides u mean?
  6. Lookin mighty fine to me fellas
  7. Who cares about media, they suck anyway lol
  8. Dang work, I missed the final piece goin up lol
  9. Wonder what they're waitin on. The suspense is killin me lol
  10. Rise and shine everybody, todays the day!
  11. Someone else mentioned it a few ago, but it looks like another piece is on the trailer waiting
  12. Man it just seems this thing has gone up so fast, it's crazy
  13. Looks like it may be tomorrow for the last piece or 2 to go in at this point, they've kinda slowed down on the install it seems
  14. Guessing they will or have already put a Gopro on that last piece of track to be installed, that'll be an awesome video
  15. Good chance it's done today the rate their moving
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