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  1. Definitely more track was already laid today....It also kinda looks like out of the picture more stuff is going on. For example, it seems more supports are being placed...I think. It's hard to tell.
  2. Yeah it looks like another support then more track today!
  3. RMC Drunken Uncle Beast is by far my new leader of that spot!!
  4. I'll ride it...with a winter hat and long underwear at least! I'm a Fool but no dummy.
  5. The drop on Orion will feel more sudden for sure. It looks like it drops more suddenly then is indeed more steep. It should be a ton more airtime and a drop feeling, and the speed will be nearly as fast though I do anticipate Fury to still be faster of course. But Orion should feel more intense initially. Also the next hill should be awesome on Orion and the Turnaround is higher than any other hill on Fury but I am possibly mistaken there.
  6. Uh....okay. Last year's tour was in the top 10 highest grossing of all time...and had by far the highest gross per show ever. He also kicked heroin in the 70s which is why he is able to make so much more money per concert than anyone out there. Past his prime huh?
  7. Do backwards racer ONLY for winterfest and only on 1 side and decorate The Racer with lights. Other than that, all is good. Actually all is good, but that would make it better I guess.
  8. I love how much the ride keeps swooping on down so gracefully before coming back up after the initial huge plummet. This this looks fast. It looks like the fastest one for its height at least.
  9. You might be taking this too hard. I don't think they are telling enthusiasts to get bent or anything.
  10. I was thinking that as I typed it! I figured something like that had to be the case. I think they are really cool that way too.
  11. It's gonna be an absolute moon-shot! First row is gonna be insane for its own reasons too. But man that back row drop!!!
  12. I'd love to be the first to ride this epic wonder. What a HILL! edit: Looks a lot bigger than DB from that angle!!!^^
  13. Now it looks way bigger than Diamondback IMO. Diamondback just has such a close position in the park and is still a really darn big roller coaster. Its actually great that once you ride Diamondback, its not that huge a step to go onto Orion. And yet you get closer and closer and its just huge, and you look at the drop and its actually not a drop at all but more of a plummet? Cold sweats for sure.
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