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  1. I called customer service to ask them about it and buy a season Fast Lane plus, but as of then, and I think still, they hadn't added Orion.
  2. Going tonight with family. Looking forward to it!
  3. Anything is possible with the cost of using steel these days. Wood coasters are hands-down my favorites.
  4. It appears every seat might well have a different experience on this ride.
  5. It's really hard to see, but they are installing or just installed the next track of the wave turn. Nice Definitely installed the peak of the wave turn and a big section going down. It looks really steep!
  6. The 3rd hill is supposed to be 202 ft. That is tall and I am not sure if any coaster has a bigger hill that isn't it's main hill. Orion's 3rd hill is bigger than any non lift hill on Fury or Leviathan and it's 2nd hill is bigger than the 3rd biggest hill on either coaster..I think. It should be wild for sure. I didn't know the 4 across trains held their momentum better...that's cool to read!
  7. Looks like the flatbed truck is going over to load some more track to lay on the supports today! It looks like they have installed another support as the wave turn drops significantly. So they will likely install a few pieces of tack together to finish off that hill or something like that. There may be a bit more done today, but there is a weather front headed in that could stop them for the day or a few hours at least.
  8. We all know the back seat is gonna be bonkers on this one. Looking at the trajectory of the second wave hill and how steep it falls down the second half, its' gonna be crazy on the right hand side. So I think back right is the seat, but only time will tell on this one. I think the first three hills are THE most perfect first parts of a Giga ever potentially, with a nice second half and no wasted track at all. I think this will be an A+ ride and am glad I have always believed this will be the best one yet.
  9. He meant that Orion would have no effect on the lines at Mystic Timbers. I can see that. Plus I don't think Orion will be necessarily better than Timbers. Totally different. Timbers will probably be a little more FUN, while Orion will be a lot more thrilling. I think they will offer vastly different experiences, while Diamondback will be pretty similar to Orion and may well see quite shorter lines to reflect this. Either way I think Orion will be freaking amazing and one of best coasters in the world. But its not like there are that many coasters better than Timbers.
  10. The curse has been broken!! Man....look at that Hill into that huge wave turn? Absolute perfection. I think this is gonna be an amazing, flat-out amazing coaster, and it will take such a crowd that Banshee, DB, Beast, and Mystic Timbers should be easier than ever to get on! All good things. But mostly, the grace of that downhill into the wave turn is so pretty!
  11. The water drops are evil. Pure evil. edit: You can see they just put in more track but its super blurry! Still cool to see them rolling along though! And can't say that King's Island didn't try to get us a better view.
  12. I'd highly consider chaining myself to the tracks then!! Don't change my beast!! That came out wrong. Don't change The Beast!!
  13. Interesting that over a few rides the greying out increases!
  14. Waterdropgate 2019! edit: about 10 minutes ago I saw the flatbed truck driving the next piece of blue track towards the cranes. I curse you drops of H2O!!!
  15. This makes sense and what I was really wondering most!
  16. The two drops of water are killing me!! New track is going in and a drop of water is keeping us from seeing it!
  17. That's what they told Walt Disney, Johnny Bench and Neil Armstrong. One's gotta have a dream! I think its a bold, yet not as-bad-as it-sounds idea. But then I guess I would, wouldn't I?
  18. The backwards racer started out as a gimmick but ultimately was awesome. I wish it was back, but am sure there are good reasons its front ways on both sides. I've always thought that riding a coaster twice in a row, with no reload and just straight back through would be so cool. Like coaster bucket list stuff. Why not have The Racers do a double ride on certain days or something like that? Is it doable? Am I the only person that woud find that awesome, since it can be a little tough on you sometimes? Has this been done before anywhere on a consistent basis? In my deluded mind it seems like it'd be awesome and one thing that would make The Racers a must ride each visit.
  19. Looking at the coaster as it stands, that 2nd sideways hill taken at the speeds it will be going, and as high as it is, taller than every coaster besides Diamondback, should provide major hangtime as the second half of the hill steepens at its drop....it should feel awesome and just as you are thinking how awesome that felt, we will be hitting that huge third hill turnaround for a thrilling return home with some headchopping moments as well at least one more awesome hill....I think this is the punk rock Giga. Short and sweet, it's gonna be hard to beat those first three elements....so get me back as fun as possible so I can ride it again and again! Short and sweet. Leave them wanting more in show business. We have The Beast and Banshee for other long over the top experiences. Mystic Timbers and Orion will be the shorter-killer rides that get better and better each time.
  20. I figured....but was just massaging Racer's ego too! LOL It's feeling a little (LOT)overshadowed...literally!
  21. Those were the Dark Ages, weren't they?
  22. Yeah it is. But...to be technical The Racer is two coasters, so everything is doubled. But still...after riding Racer a few thousand times on each side, its crazy to see the spectacle unfolding just next to it!
  23. So they move Orion's camera so we could see the rest of the construction. But am I the only one that thinks they made a point to turn it towards a big portion of Vortex? I think we may see it come dow pretty soon. Then again I am wrong at least over half the time.
  24. As beautiful as Vortex is and soon will be WAS, I think The Racer and Beast look better and Orion is gonna be a spectacle. But I think Racer is just beautiful. I hope it stays basically the same, perhaps with re track and a return to backwards (Hint, hint KI!! :)). Perhaps a computer to sync the race. But it looks awesome and I think should forever be cherished. IMO that coaster basically gave us the song Love Rollercoaster, but more importantly gave us Beast and really every great coaster after Racer and Beast is thanks to it. Its a real treasure. The camera makes me really see that right now.
  25. I saw the person's hand moving it....ominously towards Vortex too!!?? Oh no!! edit: I LOVE Shake Rattle and Roll. also....another big THANKS to Kings Island, one of my favorite places ever.
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