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  1. Why would they? They are conducting an acceptance test from the manufacturer to the park. Then the park will do the state testing which isn't nearly as involved as you think it is. It is more paperwork in nature then hands on inspecting. The manufacturer of each ride has a checklist the park will do before the state arrives. The state is worried that the park has "installed" the ride according to the manufacturers recommendations. This is things like counting bolts, not checking that they are tight. Checking that E-stops work and the ride completes a cycle or two with out issues. Ohio is one of the "stronger" states when ti comes to ride inspections, but they barely scratch the surface and leave the overwhelming majority of it up to the park and manufacturer to figure out. Ohio has 8 inspectors for 4,000ish rides in the state. Each one needs to inspect 500 rides spread across the state, 10 per week, 2 per day every day Monday through Friday. Now remember we are in Ohio, so most rides are down for the winter, which means the "season" to conduct ride inspections is even shorter, maybe 4-6 months April to maybe September, so now we are looking at 4-6 rides per day or 1-2 hours per ride max. We have fairs and festivals later then that, but each ride only has to be inspected the first time it enters the state in a given year.
  2. The thread got cleaned up and you were the longest surviving post so you inherited it.
  3. We should expect to see multiple dips and surges over time with the testing data. Right now only healthcare workers or inpatients that a positive test would change treatment are getting tested for the most part. You still have some drive up testing being done, but that makes up less then 10% of the number of people tested based on some quick math. These drive up test centers tend so also use the slow results methods. Had a buddy get tested with a doctors recommendation, and he is on day 8 of waiting for results and he was told to expect results in 10-14 days. Once these results start coming in the number will spike for about two weeks and then we will find our new "normal" rate of infections.
  4. Why should we believe anything any government tells us? I like to take anything anyone says with a grain of salt until I can verify it myself. I know this sub isn't for politics and I 100% agree with that rule, but out our national government has had an interesting history of the information shared during this crisis. Not pointing blame at any one person or group, just pointing out that every source of information should be vetted before you trust it. This is exactly why we can't compare our positive test rate to any other country. It is such a simplistic comparison that it really make the resulting analysis suspect. Unless information is in things such as a per capita rate or the like, it isn't a fir comparison. Then if you factor in each individual states first day of infection and any measures they may be taking to combat the spread, it is pretty hard to look at this pandemic from a nationwide perspective. For instance NYC is being devastated, but here in Ohio we are pretty much business as normal when it comes to hospitals. I do not have a stats background, but I am very curios to see the data and analysis once the experts have time to study the pandemic.
  5. China choose the fast and furious route and paid the price in human lives. We are trying the slow and methodical to save lives.
  6. The people thinking this will be done by summer time are missing the big picture. The "surge" in California is supposed to last for at least 8 weeks and they did little to no social distancing to prepare, they were reactionary unlike Ohio who has been proactive in their approach. Ohio is working to avoid a surge but that means we will be dealing with it for much longer, I have heard prediction as long as 6-9 months by educated sources. For those who might be just joining in, we are trying to flatten the curve. This is just the idea we will have lets say 50,000 people in Ohio who get COVID19 and need hospitalized. Now if all 50,000 people get it in the same month, we are screwed. This would overwhelm out current system by at least a doubling if not tripling of COVID19 patients plus you have to add on the general medical and trauma patients. This means hospitals would be operating at 200-300+% capacity. If we can stretch those same 50K people over 6 months, now hospitals are at 150% capacity and with the cancellation of elective procedures it hopefully will be brought down to closer to 125% of capacity which is a surge the system can absorb. We want this to drag on for as long as possible, because that means someone else gets to live and we don't burn out our healthcare workers and give them all even worse PTSD.
  7. Beds are a very real issue. Yes we suffer from a lack of ventilators, and it is a dire situation, but not every COVID19 patient needs a vent, and we will still have normal medical emergencies during the pandemic, heart attacks, strokes, general illness such as appendicitis, car crashes, cancer, you name it. These "normal" patients cause a 75-125% occupancy rate at hospitals. Now you are adding the COVID19 patients on top of that. At my wives hospital they are running 65% capacity as of this morning with zero elective procedures for the past 3 days. She was in a meeting this am where they were/are deciding what types of patients went where to help with the case load when the surge starts.
  8. I am still not sure why people want to have a dark part of the park all light up. The theme of the area/ ride does not support a bunch of bright lights. With bright lights on the lift, you are now adding light pollution to all the other rides including Beast, which is world renowned for its pitch black night rides. I also do not understand why people want to be bathed in light like Fury. I find Fury's lights very annoying, kills your night vision right before the coaster. If I wanted to ride blind, I would just close my eyes. What is the point of it interacting with the terrain and head chopper if you can't see it due to the lift lights? I know some people may love these lights, and to be perfectly honest I have had LED light strips around my house, on stairs, behind TV's, in cabinets, etc. for a decade now. It is old technology, not cutting edge and IMHO was a poor choice compared to the other options such as wheel and train lights.
  9. I am on team missing something. It just looks like glare off the handrail. Were the "lights" changing during the video because I couldn't notice any change? I was just wondering why I was looking at a 21 second photo.
  10. Re-posting a previous post about how to get factual information. I have been watching his press conferences and highly recommend everyone does as a way to get facts straight from the source. This is a rapidly changing situation, and we all need to be fluid and listen to the experts for our advice. I personally am using Ohio Department of Health (ODH) as my source for advice, others might choose to use the CDC or World Health Organization. I chose ODH as they are taking a science based approach with Dr. Amy Acton using her medical background to advise Governor Dewine, and he is just the talking head acting out that advice vs trying to put a political spin on it. They are hosting a press conference every day at 2 pm, you can find it streaming on most local media or from the Ohio Channel, often found on TV with the PBS stations or at their website http://ohiochannel.org/live ,and more official source information can be found at https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/.
  11. Buying a gift card is an educated risk. If the company doesn't survive this, you donated money to the company. If they didn't close permanently you get your goods or service at a latter date. Personally I am not willing to donate to corporations right now, but I will gladly patronize them. Carry out and food delivery is a great option right now. Stores that are still open are often doing curb side pick up for online orders, others are offering free delivery. I am not advocating for anyone to go out and spend money they don't have, but if you have a secure job and the means, supporting small business will help keep the local economy running. At the same time everyone should keep an eye on how the markets are doing as that is one of the better indicators of how the economy is responding. Not a perfect indicator, but an indicator none the less. If you haven't taken the time to work on a budget, now would be a great time. If you have a budget, maybe dust it off to see where things stand, would also advise coming up with a plan the economy enter a recession or depression. Making a list now of cuts that can be made to your personal budget will only help lower the stress should you decide it is time to implement those cuts.
  12. No evidence to support this hypothesis, yes it has been said by POTUS, but no topic experts agree with his assessment. Here is some information from Harvard School of Public Health Centers for Communicable Disease Dynamics. They would be considered topic experts as they are the people actually studying it. I've also included a link to the World Health Organization as well. https://ccdd.hsph.harvard.edu/will-covid-19-go-away-on-its-own-in-warmer-weather/ https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public/myth-busters
  13. As sad as it is, Italy has already been forced to make that impossible choice. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a case spread in a daycare type environment and that forces a new order to follow. This is a rapidly changing situation, and we all need to be fluid and listen to the experts for our advice. I personally am using Ohio Department of Health (ODH) as my source for advice, others might choose to use the CDC or World Health Organization. I chose ODH as they are taking a science based approach with Dr. Amy Acton using her medical background to advise Governor Dewine, and he is just the talking head acting out that advice vs trying to put a political spin on it. They are hosting a press conference every day at 2 pm, you can find it streaming on most local media or from the Ohio Channel, often found on TV with the PBS stations or at their website http://ohiochannel.org/live ,and more official source information can be found at https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/.
  14. At this point it would seem Kings Island is covered by the order banning mass gatherings. An argument can be made they don't apply in whole, but places of the park would defiantly apply such as Boo Blasters Que line, or any of the shows falling under stadiums or arenas. It is to early to know if the order will be extended past KI's opening date or what is going to happen. Rest assured the situation will change between now and then, we just don't know how yet so it is too early to make guess and spread false information with all of the speculation.
  15. A Message from Richard Zimmerman, Chief Executive Officer, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company Dear Valued Guest, Cedar Fair's highest priority is always the safety of our guests and associates. We know you continue to hear and see news reports about the coronavirus, or COVID-19, and some of its effects around the world. The Cedar Fair team is closely monitoring this evolving situation and are in regular contact with health agencies for information and guidance. All Cedar Fair properties intend to welcome guests in accordance with our published schedules, and we continue to implement preventive measures as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as our own health and hygiene protocols. All our parks and resorts have high standards of cleanliness, which assists with illness prevention. We employ rigorous sanitation standards and robust cleaning procedures, including: Extensive and ongoing training for associates on maintaining a safe and hygienic workplace and environment for our guests; Specified intervals for frequent cleaning and disinfection of targeted areas throughout the day; Numerous and accessible handwashing facilities and hand sanitizer locations; Quick response to spills, trash and other situations; Daily and frequent sanitation procedures for restrooms, kitchens, dining surfaces, benches and trash cans; Daily and frequent cleaning and "wash down" of outdoor locations, including walkways and queue lines The leadership team is communicating with our associates about illness prevention; this includes guidance issued by the CDC. The CDC recommends everyday preventive actions to help stop the spread of germs. The CDC provides more detailed coronavirus information on its website at www.cdc.gov. As always, we maintain close relationships with local, state, national and international public health authorities. We take their guidance when additional preventive measures are deemed necessary. Thank you for your continued support and trust in Cedar Fair's family of parks and resorts. Sincerely, Richard Zimmerman Chief Executive Officer Cedar Fair Entertainment Company
  16. No big deal. Just want to make sure we are all staying ahead of any misinformation intentional or not. We need to make sure, as hard as it can be with the rapid updates, that we are citing the most current information and not spreading rumors or making guesses. A ton will change between now and April 10/11th, hopefully for the better, but we just have to deal with this one day at a time for now.
  17. Incorrect. He specifically mentioned parades, festivals, and fairs. All things that take place outside. He has even tweeted that it includes outdoor events.
  18. No laws were broken in the filming of said video. Drones do not have a minimum altitude, in fact they only have a maximum of 400 ft AGL or above ground level. Fun fact an airplane or helicopter can legally fly lower then the tower lights as well and while difficult it wouldn't be illegal. The park has ZERO control on the airspace above the park, but has 100% control of their dirt. So they can trespass you, and will including voiding any future tickets and passes, IF you land or launch from their property. The FAA will not get involved unless a serious injury occurs or over $500 in damage is caused to property. The state of Ohio has no laws regulating this instance, they do for state property and parks though, and Mason only outlaws drone, again landing and launching from their parks. People can keep getting up in arms over these videos, but nothing is going to change. KIC has said no posting of Drone videos in their TOS, and if you post a video you will get in trouble, but to acknowledge a video exists on a different platform is fair game. IMHO I think KIC is doing themselves a disservice by not allowing the videos to be posted, but that is their choice to decide if they want to send traffic to other sites or not. I would recommend any of the people who are upset about the drone videos, airplane pictures, etc. to just ignore them and move on. Some of us love to fly and are interested in seeing the park from another perspective, others are not. To each their own since no laws or rules were broken. If you are so worried rules and laws are broken, report the post, lets the mods do their job and go on with life.
  19. Nah, this is staying up. It is the base of a new style RMC. Going to literally launch the train onto the track with some really cool jumps. Kinda like being shot out of a cannon. Hence why Cedar Point just trade marked Cannon Launch The Ride. If you don't believe me, just go ask the dipping dots guy, he is in the know.
  20. Not trying to discourage you, but it is very rare for these positions to go to outside folks. Typically when they have a job opening with a full time job, not a seasonal(a couple weeks before opening to last operating day) or 10 month, they already know who is going to transfer into the position before it is even posted. The best way to get in to one of these positions is to start at the bottom as a ride operator or something of the like and work your way up.
  21. They are testing every day, just not full circuit testing. Might just be station operation or transfer track, but they are working down a list to make sure all the boxes get checked to start full circuit testing.
  22. Here is the deal with the park and planning. It would be a very bad business interest for the park to not be forwarding looking when it comes to planning. Every single attraction has a life span, and the park has a pretty good idea what the lifespan is. Down to probably a 2-3 year timeline. With Orion they expect X number of years before ridership drops below the acceptable maintenance cost. They don't want a ride to cost more in upkeep then it brings in at the gate, this is a science. And part of that forward looking plan is to know what else you want in that space as that effects the math equation. So publicly they are not saying they have any plans, but the park probably has a pretty good idea what they want to do with the space. It might be a new coaster and they just don't know the exact design yet, or maybe they want to expand the midway with some more flat rides. The public may not be told the plan, but the park wouldn't spend a penny tearing down a ride unless they knew what the next use for that space was. I am a firm believer that Vortex reached the end of her useful life for the park and the park knew this was going to happen. Same way people sell old cars and buy new when the cost of ownership of the old car is more then the cost of ownership on a new(er) car. The park may not have known it was going to be 2019 back in 2015, but they knew it was on the horizon and would start planning for the next big thing. I am leaning towards an RMC in the space myself, but that is nothing but a slightly educated guess.
  23. Thanks for being forthcoming and honest about it. It goes a long way.
  24. Some might say they have actually been in the shed for a while now. What better place to store the trains then the place designed to store the trains.
  25. This was a part 103 ultralight operation. The laws on this type of flight are very lax, including not even needing a pilots license. With that said the park does not "own" airspace. They can not pull a Disney and close the airspace above the park. Fun fact the Disney TFR (temporary flight restriction) doesn't even stop people from flying over. Go to YouTube and you can find hundreds of videos. IANAL but this guy broke zero laws from what I can see. KI can't do anything about the airspace and being flown over other then forbid take off and landing from THEIR property, the actual dirt they own. And even then all they can do is trespass you if you refuse to leave if asked. So in summary this guy did nothing wrong, but the park has rules saying you can't land/launch drones or anything else from their property, and they are allowed to have said rules, but if done elsewhere and you follow some safe minimum altitudes (1000 foot above anything with in 2000 feet horizontal)(paramotors which is what this guy is flying doesn't have a specified safe minimum altitude, just not allowed to fly over crowds or cause damage) you are legal.
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