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  1. 3 more according to the prints
  2. Only 28 more sections of track to install definitely think they will be done by middle to end of next week
  3. 15 more pieces of track to peak of speed hill and roughly 74 more track sections to finish they need around 3 a day to be done by Feb. 1st. Any one know if Vegas is taking over under bets on this. I still can’t believe how fast they can build huge structures like this in such short time
  4. What’s going on at The Racer what are they hiding under that tarp
  5. My guess is about 230-240ft as there is only one more section of straight lift before the crown of the hill per the plan
  6. Looks like we found where the big truck crane in the parking lot went That drop is gonna be great barely skirting across the ground like that
  7. Thanks been following on here for awhile with the webcams down couldn’t help but voice my questions seeing as I can’t get my quick fix by looking ant the cameras. Thankfully there are some awesome people posting great pictures on here at least we have something to look at
  8. Does anyone else notice the head chopper track installed under the drop or is that just the next piece they are lifting
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