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  1. Looks like the buckets are going up.
  2. Oh snap the truck with the last piece is on the move!
  3. Definitely another one will have to be added. And looking at how far the support is from the track we may have another one installed that connects to the final support.
  4. Looks like they aimed it so that The Vortex demo would not be on camera now.
  5. Next piece of track AND next support going up. Aaaaaaaaand next piece of track going back down. Must not have had the right angle or they were moving it.
  6. Agreed looks like it's about to go back up for the speed hill. That turn looking much more aggressive than on the POV videos.
  7. Crazy that it's taller than Wind Seeker. Getting very excited to ride this thing!
  8. One more panel and the roof is completed. Also couldn't imagine standing at the top of the lift hill. Balls of steel vengeance.
  9. Yeah that piece was installed late yesterday. Around 4 if I remember correctly. They are jamming on the roof of the station and three guys have been walking the main lift hill for the last few hours.
  10. It'd be hilarious if all those people in line to get in made a b-line to the Blue Racer.
  11. That guy in Orange is my hero!! I for one could not do that job. Way too high. Amazing to get these photos!! Thanks!
  12. Supposed to rain all day tomorrow which looks to squash my pm KI visit.
  13. Mason is 58 degrees currently. I work in Florence, KY so pretty similar here.
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