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  1. Is this really necessary? It's opening day, on a new ride, in the middle of a pandemic. Give the crew a break.
  2. Cool. What about the people they come into contact with who are generally staying home, but have to go out to necessary places like grocery stores, pharmacies, gas stations, etc.? They didn't "decide on their own" to be around someone who went to a huge gathering, it happened by chance. Amusement parks cannot safely or sanely open and please its guests fully until we've reached herd immunity or a proven vaccine is developed. Both are a long way off. Full stop.
  3. Looking forward to Chapter 2 of this saga where everyone loses their minds that they haven't panned the camera to the right to see the rest of the ride being built.
  4. Liability theory was just me speculating, guys. Nothing more, nothing less. Calm down.
  5. Has anyone considered the possibility that maybe there's a liability in broadcasting the most dangerous parts of constructing this ride? Just in case there's an accident? This is a new company and this is their first build at KI. Maybe they have some sort of policy? If the cameras go up shortly after this thing is topped off, this might be the case. Just speculating, I actually have no idea.
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