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  1. I couldn't care less one way or the other, but "if you don't like it don't come/watch/whatever" is a really crap marketing strategy...look how well its worked out for star trek discovery.
  2. Best new coaster of 2020 I suppose...
  3. Soooo....ummmm.....hate to say it....surprised to say it....but....ummm....Candymonium is a better ride than Orion....Orion is great...but...Candymonium wins.
  4. everything about the funpix is wonky...i can't view pics in the app, but I can download them, but then the app crashes...rinse and repeat...but then what difference does it even make when we are all wearing masks and we can't see the facial expressions anyway?...hey, at least ki has the photo stations open...cp cant even open the booths, so what exactly did we pay for here? Not sure...not too stressed about it, but you'd think they could at least write a stable app...
  5. Well, I went to get Hugo's at cp around 7 pm and was offended that the doors were locked...so there's that..
  6. They couldn't get people into galaxy's edge before corona...
  7. Yea, but Paramount doesnt run the park anymore...
  8. Those are Vortex rails poking out of the ground...they only look like cones due to perspective
  9. All those rides are great..but none of them are why I go...there are as good or better rides anywhere else...steve, not so much.... unfortunately I never enjoy being at Cedar Point...but yet I always enjoy being at Kings Island.. I dont go there looking to be dissapointed...I just always am... They can't count well enough to figure out capacities, they can't keep their rides operating, and vast swaths of the park smell of sewage...these are management problems There's a better guest experience at lakemont
  10. Well their "flagship" park is pretty crap...they have ONE thing...SteVe...and the park is so poorly managed it's not even worth going to try to get a ride on it.
  11. If the parks were dangerous, I'd already be dead
  12. Kings Island needs to build an rmc so I can never set foot at Cedar Point again...I swear, every time i go to Cedar Point i come away ****ed off...how can ki be run so much better when cp is in charge?
  13. Last year, the worst spot on The Beast was at the end of the turnaround before the first lift hill...this year the horrible jolt is just gone from that spot...well done team!
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