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  1. God, I hope not. FoF is the ride that broke my fear of inversions. (My Grandma lied to me.)
  2. I think perhaps the key to bringing back Phantom Theater would be to break the formula of using the same building. Surely a dark ride would be possible somewhere around The Bat and Banshee. Perhaps the old SoB station could be integrated in some way, no?
  3. Anybody know if there's a rip of the music in the ad and Coastermania VHS? I've been looking for a clean version of it for years now.
  4. I imagine throughput would have been miserable compared to all of the other coasters.
  5. Only the ones made by the National Park Service.
  6. I'd delve into a sweltering pit of coughing imbeciles as long as I could get a front seat on The Beast.
  7. Given how catastrophic the loss of sales this year has been so far, I'd be doubtful that we'll see a new coaster of great size for another five years or so. That being said, I would be very happy if CF took the next couple of years to restore some of their aging rides. Diamondback drastically needs a new paint job.
  8. Given the current social climate, I don't see it being nearly as dark or frightening as it was when it was in the 90s. I feel like parents would complain.
  9. God bless CoasterBob.
  10. That building probably has the most history out of all the structures in the park. It'd be perfect for that sort of Youtube channel.
  11. I know what a Chevette is. It's just a perplexing model to associate with The Beast.
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