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  1. I sincerely doubt the statistics coming out of China. This is the same government that did everything it could to shut down doctors trying to warn everyone. For that matter, I can't really trust any statistics out right now. I was quarantined for the past two weeks because I had all the symptoms and I never had a test.
  2. The old queue for Flight Commander. It sat abandoned in the park for a very long time up until it was leveled for the new antique cars.
  3. The mention of Roll-O-Planes got me thinking. It'd be pretty sweet if we got a large version of the same thing one day. (I know we already did.) But the attributes of the design still have potential for a modern flat.
  4. Believe it or not, I find WindSeeker to be significantly more terrifying to me than Drop Tower. The worst thing about DT for me was my ears popping the one time I rode it. WindSeeker looked like it would be relaxing, but the way those seats are engineered are anything but. They perfected the sensation of absolute insecurity with those restraints.
  5. Arrow - Adventure Express B&M - Diamondback Intamin - Millennium Force Wooden - The Beast Vekoma - Firehawk
  6. What sort of flats could the park really make use of at this point? We've already got several rides that spin you really fast, two tower rides, a pirate ship and bumper cars. I'm sure there are other flats out there that would be unique. The issue is that a lot of the more interesting flat rides are either on their way out or already extinct. Anybody know if either of those S&S Sky Swats survived to the present day in some capacity?
  7. That's wonderful news. This is one of the few flat rides that I still have love for with the ongoing degradation of my equilibrium. Pirate ships truly are timeless classics.
  8. I hope she understands that is literally what vaccines do, but safely.
  9. China also has the perk of being an authoritarian police state, which definitely helps people follow protocols.
  10. Kind of hard to compare a country like the US with any of those European countries. Our population is so massive compared to any of them that we are bound to have a significantly sharper increase on a chart measuring the number of cases.
  11. That would actually be pretty neat. It would have to be a very compact design though. The ride would have to fit within a 105x110 space.
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