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  1. Not every ride is supposed to push your body to its limits. Family coasters are an essential category for parks.
  2. That's not even including the Lion Country Safari land that's all grown over. (image courtesy of Bansheeback)
  3. It is pretty strange how they're treating The Vortex removal with such secrecy while the disastrous pile of lumber, Son of Beast, got a royal fanfare. I'm sure they have their reasons.
  4. You certainly aren't the only one. Stand-ups are notorious for putting severe strain on the lower half of peoples' bodies.
  5. Probably because they're going to topple it sideways like they did with Firehawk and Son of Beast.
  6. I just hate that final brake run. My skull can only take so much trauma.
  7. I honestly can't see FoF leaving any time soon. I could see a revamp though.
  8. After losing rights to the Paramount IPs Cedar Fair had to make a lot of its newly purchased rides as generic as possible. Being heavily based on its theming, Tomb Raider suffered the most acute changes. The Crypt just couldn't live up to its predecessor and dropped hard in popularity.
  9. I wonder if it's still there after 14 years. Can't say there's any reason for them to get rid of it as it's not a protected IP.
  10. If I'm not mistaken, it's the park's crowning jewel as of now. It's a perfect ride for a small local park like that.
  11. It's sad that they never found a buyer. However, its legacy does live on with Freestyle (SkyRider) in Italy. It's a perfect clone of King Cobra. I do have to wonder how they keep a TOGO coaster that old running though.
  12. Here's the King Cobra segment of the old Coastermania VHS. It sort of shows the station/queue line.
  13. What I'm really wondering is what kind of flat ride is going there.
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