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  1. The main reasons for keeping it would have been how close it was to the path and how iconic that portion was.
  2. I like it, but the only way we'd get a ferris wheel is if it was a giant.
  3. They're likely going to demo the parts near the station first. They need a clearing to tip it away from The Beast.
  4. I specifically remember hugging a ride op when I was an awkward teen back in 2012. Poor guy was like a deer in headlights. Just another day on The Beast crew, I suppose.
  5. If memory serves me correctly the Diamondback cam was the first put into operation when they started building it in the winter of 2008. I believe the other ones came online later during the construction of their rides. I'd need to be backed up though. I'm not entirely certain.
  6. They are newer and no water has gotten inside.
  7. The seasonal weather does effect moisture conditions in everything not climate controlled.
  8. The Diamondback cam has been hazy for years now. It has been running since 2008 after all.
  9. Just wait a few days. I'm sure we'll get a 240p video of some demolition crew member laughing while the lift hill crumbles to the ground.
  10. Be prepared to have your ears pop. That's the one reason I've only ridden it once.
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