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  1. I never thought I'd see it again this well. Thank you for posting this.
  2. I best be in a casket by the time that happens.
  3. Was she at least tall enough for FoF?
  4. I certainly see no reason why it would need to be restricted to stay within the building's current floor plan. It's a very sequestered plot.
  5. I wonder if it still smells like industrial grease. God, I hope so.
  6. Imagine if CF built a modern Virginia Reel through the forest on The Vortex plot. I feel that this would fit the traditional theme of the Coney Mall extremely well, while also offering something unique.
  7. I'd probably create more unique theming for the kid side of the park. Rather than buying licensed IPs, I'd prefer to make original characters that the park can use indefinitely and in any way imaginable. While the Peanuts are indeed beloved, I think it does a lot for a park to have its own flavor entirely. On top of this, I'd move to repurpose the Tomb Raider building and repaint/retrack the coasters that need it.
  8. Stay away from the stuff, junior. Plus, you should also work on that sentence structure.
  9. We'd be more likely to get a roundup than we would one of these, simple for capacity issues.
  10. They could still benefit from a Jeb themed turtle exhibit.
  11. I'd wager FAAC's land would be the most likely spot.
  12. This is true. Just look at how much filth accumulates underneath the queue line as it is.
  13. That would be my assumption. I do recall going into one at my county fair years ago, and there were so many opportunities to get fingers ripped off. Given the risk/reward ratio, I'm not really surprised they are gone.
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