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  1. You could easily theme a wheel to fit, I think.
  2. And of course, anybody still wanting to visit parts of the website that were backed up, you can still do so at https://web.archive.org/web/20210613030337/http://kiextreme.com/ Expect dial-up internet speed for pictures though.
  3. Was never really a fan of that show myself, especially when it revolves around the death of an actual person. Seems a tad disrespectful to me.
  4. And if I'm not mistaken, moonshine's peak was during prohibition, which is obviously long gone at this point. Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure moonshine is still quite prolific in old school rural/country theming. Things may pass their prime, but they seldomly go away.
  5. Six Flags up to their old tricks again.
  6. Why not go completely off the rails and install a Virginia Reel? That's what the Coney Mall really needs in my opinion.
  7. It makes me happy that people take the time to archive pieces such as this. Degradation of magnetic tape is killing off so many historical bits of media like this right now.
  8. It's a fairly maligned genre of coaster. Even if they managed to make it comfortable, the press would likely not be as positive if it had been something more conventional. That being said, I love stand-ups.
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