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  1. I'm happy to see that they're paying attention to the little things like this. Despite the catastrophic economic state of the world, Cedar Fair isn't shorting its parks with upkeep.
  2. From Congo Falls to Action Theater. Yeah, baby!
  3. The land around The Bat is a lot more expansive and accommodating for new construction. Only time will tell what Cedar Fair chooses to do, but I firmly believe that if they are planning to expand then The Bat/Lion Country Safari land offers better potential for growth.
  4. 5. King Cobra 4. Phantom Theater 3. Firehawk 2. Son of Beast 1. Vortex
  5. I remember riding the backwards train back in 2006 with my grandmother. Not being able to see where you are going definitely adds a lot of nausea to the experience. Not my personal cup of tea.
  6. They could very easily expand the park into that land without something that rivals Orion in magnitude. What would really be interesting is if they could create a pathway going from Banshee directly to Area 72.
  7. As much as I hate to admit it, not only these factors present an argument to demolish the ride, but also the premium real estate that The Bat sits upon. The Lion Country Safari land out there would all be opened up for a brand new large attraction or perhaps even an expansion to the park entirely if it is removed. I don't like to see any Arrow rides go away at this point, but the current events along with the real estate it occupies must at the very least entice CF executives. It's not likely we are going to see another giant coaster within the next couple years, but I could easily see large expansion taking place to decongest paths in the park.
  8. I'm finding no citations online regarding this situation yet. I wonder if the damage is either extraordinarily minor or the park is trying to keep this under wraps until a proper investigation has been completed.
  9. Oh my God. This can't be.
  10. Rob needs to hit Flight of Fear first and foremost. That line is catastrophically slow and that's a coaster worth getting a ride on at least once. It's also one that I worry for surviving the next ten years.
  11. I'm sure I will be backed up on this. You must ride Adventure Express at night. You will not regret it.
  12. I agree. Arrow Suspension coasters are starting to get few and far between.
  13. Obviously the chain link fence, asphalt road and industrial barriers are Cedar Fair's way of telling us that Backlot Stunt Coaster is about to be demolished.
  14. I'd buy tubs of this at a premium from the grocery store. 100% truth.
  15. Try finding one of those in the midwest that isn't a corroded skeleton at this point. Believe me, I've tried. T - T
  16. You do have to consider that the Delta variant dominated 2021. Those with suppressed immune systems for example would have had theoretically to risk their well being just to take advantage of the opportunity. It's a complex issue.
  17. It's quite possible that the sounds are protected by copyright that Cedar Fair doesn't have the rights to.
  18. Bad PR is bad PR. Sometimes one death is all it takes to ruin a name, despite the true data.
  19. Sorry, I just can't resist that blue ice cream.
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