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  1. I think the tunnel on The Beast double helix really adds to the out of control feeling I experience on that element. Although it's probably partially because the tunnel is a little closer to the riders than it should be.
  2. Understood but, they will keep Orion and Beast open twenty minutes past close to get through the remaining line, which I'm sure is a policy that comes from above the managers of each station. Surely the park could have a policy that certain restaurants will stay open as long as there are people in line, up to a certain extent. In the end it's not a big deal, we stopped at Graeter's on the way home so we still got our ice cream fix. Just wish we could have spent that money in the park as I'm trying to support the park with more purchases this year due to the Covid situation.
  3. We were gonna buy ice cream tonight on our way out of the park, and they wouldn’t let us get in line at one minute past 8. I guess we were technically too late, but I’m kind of surprised the park isn’t more willing to take our money, in these times when they are so desperate for revenue.
  4. It seems to be saying that Halloween Haunt activities will be canceled, but the park will still be open on weekends through October, no?
  5. My brother is at the park and told me he has ridden it a couple times today...
  6. I think I saw Juke Box closed on Saturday.
  7. Well, the line wasn't closed before sunset. But it was certainly a very short window of time. Maybe twenty minutes.
  8. We went on Saturday. Most people were pretty good with masks. I feel like people are much better about wearing their masks on cooler days like yesterday. Distancing in lines was very hit-or-miss. A lot of people just seem unwilling to keep their distance in lines, which is kind of ridiculous / frustrating to me. Like, stopping on the marked spots isn’t gonna cause you to get on the ride any later. I agree with @chibul, there were a few times in lines when it just seemed like a normal day with no social distancing.
  9. I might have to try that tomorrow, it looks really good
  10. I've arrived after 5:30 and been able to enter, this year. I'm not sure if there is a cutoff time or not, but I would think you could still get in at 6:00.
  11. They did not let us ride at 6:00 today, as they said some 6:00-7:00 passes had been distributed. The guy at the line entrance didn’t really seem like he knew what was going on though. We didn’t stick around, I don’t know if they ultimately let people get in line without a ticket or not.
  12. You think practically every other country in the world shut down their economy for 2+ months, just to stop Trump from getting reelected? In a typical flu season there are 12,000 to 61,000 deaths. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/burden/index.html So, we have had twice as many deaths as a bad flu season, in a third of a year. Our deaths from Covid-19 are on a pace that is about 20x worse than a "good" flu season, and about 6x worse than a bad flu season. Any source for this?
  13. And this is why we will all be wearing masks again next summer at KI.
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