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  1. I think we’re lucky they built Orion when they did... I think most parks are in for a couple years of no new major rides announced.
  2. All I know is, this was not supposed to be a day for discussing tax accounting practices on this site...
  3. Well then you are probably correct. I was just pointing that out, because the original comment was talking about taxation.
  4. It depends what you're measuring. There's a difference between market value and accounting value. Many assets are allowed to be depreciated more heavily in early years, for tax purposes.
  5. This is a ridiculous statement. You can argue they haven't always made the optimal decisions, but to claim they are enjoying shutting things down is a bit over the top.
  6. I agree. Anything with large crowds will be the last things to open. Which really ruins my planned summer of going to Kings Island, Reds games, and FC Cincinnati games.
  7. I see a lot of people pushing for a loosening of restrictions in the last couple days. Which makes me worried that we're going to do that too soon, and see a rebound in Covid-19 cases. Which in turn makes me a bit pessimistic about Kings Island's chances of opening this summer. I hope I'm wrong.
  8. I don't think that necessarily means anything. They are never going to refuse money that they are owed, even if it's before the actual due date.
  9. You're right that it wasn't made explicitly clear in the release. But from my reading of it, it seems like this is most likely what they are doing. (Starting normal payments when billing resumes, and not requiring one big catch-up payment.)
  10. I think a Dark Forest theme would be pretty cool, but I think there are too many things within Action Zone that don't quite fit that theme. Drop Tower, Invertigo, Delirium, Skyrider. If it wasn't for Delirium, I think you could just confine Action Zone to a smaller area, and have a separate Dark Forest area. Maybe Delirium could be renamed and repainted to fit within the theme, but I'm not sure. But I would try to make a more distinct barrier / transition to separate Drop Tower, Invertigo, Congo Falls, and Skyflyer, and make that the new, smaller Action Zone. Maybe add a small flat ride if you can fit one in somewhere. I would then get rid of Slingshot and put in a different flat/dark ride that fits into the Dark Forest theme. I would be ok with a retheming of Adventure Express too. I agree with others that Oktoberfest isn't too bad as it is, just that it's a pretty small area if it's losing Adventure Express and Hank's, but those don't really fit it anyway. Change Hank's into a more appropriate restaurant for that area. Keep Oktoberfest as the small area that it effectively is now, but crank the polka music for those walking through. I don't think Rivertown needs a lot of work, maybe just a bit of sprucing up and a more distinct barrier from Planet Snoopy, as others have said.
  11. She just moved there a couple of minutes ago. I think she was hiding behind the white building for a while.
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