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  1. I wouldn't call it a terrible decision. They are trying to figure out things as they go along, and at the time they canceled Haunt and Winterfest, attendance was less than they had been hoping to see, even with the pandemic. Certainly they could have held some type of smaller event, given the success of the fall fest. These things take a lot of time to plan and prepare though. I wonder if it's too late to change their minds and have something.
  2. The one that I tried yesterday was the funnel cake, and I was disappointed with the portion size. It was good, but super small and not worth $7 or even $5.
  3. We got in line at 5:20, and a worker came by and said they would probably run out by the time we got to the front, so we went somewhere else instead.
  4. Yeah, 6 for $30 isn't a bad deal, but it's tough to justify, when already having the meal plan. Realistically I wouldn't use my meal plan on top of that even if I split the 6 items with someone. So, I'm thinking I will just try an individual item.
  5. I assume they have a certain number that is their allowed capacity right now, and that they haven't needed to use reservations recently because they haven't been close to that number. But maybe with some pretty busy weekends at Cedar Point recently, they are getting close to their allowed capacity and they don't want to have to turn people away at the gate. I could be wrong, but that was my thinking when I saw that.
  6. I don't see any reason that the correct measure shouldn't be height of the drop, or otherwise the difference between the highest point and the lowest point on the roller coaster. If we're just going by height above the ground, then the Big Apple Coaster in Vegas was a strata coaster 6 years before Dragster, and in fact it is a double-strata coaster.
  7. Seems a bit expensive. I guess it depends exactly how big the "snack-sized portions" are. I'll probably try it at least once, though. Some of those options definitely sound pretty good!
  8. So do you seriously think that they are faking positive tests and deaths in nearly every country in the world, just to make Americans feel scared?
  9. Possibly. Although, personally I feel that Diamondback does that better than Orion.
  10. Who's doing the harassing now? "Do as I say, not as I do." How exactly am I supposed to point out cases that were contracted at Indiana Beach? I'm not a contact tracer. I don't follow the news at Indiana Beach. Not everyone who gets the virus even knows where they got it from. It doesn't mean we shouldn't take the common sense precautions that many other countries have implemented (and who are now in a much better place than the US).
  11. Nobody is harassing anyone. There can, and should, be a middle ground between hiding in your basement, and taking no precautions whatsoever. Kings Island has, on the whole, done a pretty decent job of achieving a good balance.
  12. I've been sharing my meal plan all year. I haven't heard of any rule against sharing purchased food, and if there is the park certainly doesn't try to enforce it.
  13. I thought the pulled pork fries were pretty good. Well, everything just kind of mushed together, and they didn't really *look* very appetizing. But they still tasted pretty good.
  14. Honestly, the last few times I was at the park before tonight, I also thought people were doing a fairly good job, so it was kind of disappointing to see the situation tonight. Probably on any given night, if you’re in the wrong line at the wrong time, you’ll see a lot of people not following the rules. Other lines can seem ok though.
  15. Well, if you believe that then you are wrong. In the Banshee line, about 60% were wearing masks. The Orion line was quite a bit better as they actually had a worker walking around telling people to wear their masks, which is something I hadn’t seen before. However, I saw a good 10 or 15 people put it on just until he walked away, then take it back off. Some people were standing on the markers. A lot weren’t. A couple that was behind us in line wasn’t wearing masks, and stood right behind us, and they were laughing and speaking loudly the whole time. I should have said something to them. I
  16. The masks / social distancing situation is pretty abysmal at the park today.
  17. I think the tunnel on The Beast double helix really adds to the out of control feeling I experience on that element. Although it's probably partially because the tunnel is a little closer to the riders than it should be.
  18. Understood but, they will keep Orion and Beast open twenty minutes past close to get through the remaining line, which I'm sure is a policy that comes from above the managers of each station. Surely the park could have a policy that certain restaurants will stay open as long as there are people in line, up to a certain extent. In the end it's not a big deal, we stopped at Graeter's on the way home so we still got our ice cream fix. Just wish we could have spent that money in the park as I'm trying to support the park with more purchases this year due to the Covid situation.
  19. We were gonna buy ice cream tonight on our way out of the park, and they wouldn’t let us get in line at one minute past 8. I guess we were technically too late, but I’m kind of surprised the park isn’t more willing to take our money, in these times when they are so desperate for revenue.
  20. It seems to be saying that Halloween Haunt activities will be canceled, but the park will still be open on weekends through October, no?
  21. My brother is at the park and told me he has ridden it a couple times today...
  22. I think I saw Juke Box closed on Saturday.
  23. Well, the line wasn't closed before sunset. But it was certainly a very short window of time. Maybe twenty minutes.
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