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  1. Took my first trip to Kings Island a few weeks back and really enjoyed it, really lucked out with the weather. I really love the atmosphere and more relaxed nature compared to my home park of Cedar Point. Orion is a incredibly fun and re-rideable roller coaster that certainly grew on me as I rode it more. The first drop is amazing and the speed and twisted airtime hills were awesome. My only critiques with the ride are that the first two elements ,while cool don’t do a whole lot considering the speed and momentum they had available. If the first element was more akin to a RMC wave turn, and the turn around was profiled to give similar positive, and negative G forces like Fury’s treble clef the ride would feel more complete. I really love the redone area around Orion and Flight of Fear, very nice themeing and amazing soundtrack by Imascore. Looks to be much better than what X-base was. Orion in general is probably my favorite looking coaster, couldn’t keep my eyes off the darn thing the whole time I was there. Considering the Lukewarm feelings surrounding this ride,I was waking in expecting a great but not blow my socks off amazing ride. I walked away with my expectations met and somewhat exceeded. I understand and agree with some of the criticisms, but in the end I think the best way to experience this ride is to appreciate it for what it is, rather than what it could have been. I hope to be back there soon to enjoy Orion and the park more, especially at night.
  2. Some off-ride footage from Kings Island.
  3. Looks like that music in the teaser is indeed part of the Imascore soundtrack.
  4. I think these are maintenance lights of sorts. Fury has similar lights running along the handrails along with the LED light strip. This is probably just a test and the rest of the light kit will be installed in the coming weeks.
  5. B&M: Ok, we have the layout finished for you. Now, what color scheme would you like ? We have a large selection, black, green, red, yellow, how about even a two toned track like Fur- Cedar Fair:
  6. Beast: *Wakes up from hibernation* Ready for another season Vortex ? Vortex: *dead* Beast:
  7. Could it also be used as a temporary Aviation warning light ? Orion seems to be covered in near complete darkness at night. (Assuming one will be installed like the other Gigas).
  8. Looks like they have started the rise into the kinda-treble-cleft-dive-turn thingy.
  9. At first I really didn’t care for Orion’s colors either. It has, however, grown on me quite a lot. I personally would have chosen a darker color palette to go with the end-of-the-world theme, but that’s just my silly ol opinion. I am really excited to see the ride finished, and to see what it looks like at night. I think a lighting system like Fury would look awesome.
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