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  1. When will Kings Island put up the 2020 park map?
  2. When will they do the next full-circuit test run and when will they release the POV?
  3. Have they removed the last piece yet? @Waltny
  4. The video is not on their youtube yet?!
  5. How many posts can be on one page?
  6. Here is the video. I also have a Vortex, Flight of Fear (extremely inaccurate), and Invertigo recreation on my channel if you want to check that out. @Klabergian Empire Did you check out the video?
  7. I got an email back from Carowinds. They said the cameras are down for maintenance and will be back up soon.
  8. I think if Fury was built after Orion that Kings Island would have gotten a longer giga, but not a taller one.
  9. I made a King Cobra recreation on Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. Do you want to see it?
  10. I contacted Carowinds about the webcams and they still haven't answered. @IndyGuy4KI What do you think is happening?
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