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  1. I emailed them a week ago and they said it was due to a so called "software upgrade." Here is a photo of Cedar Point's webcam.
  2. Now we need the POV! Now we need the webcam!
  3. When is the Orion webcam going to be put back on the website? We also need a POV.
  4. I am participating, but I didn't get the email
  5. I emailed Kings Island and they said they aren't using paper maps this year.
  6. Me and my grandmaw are going to Myrtle Beach, June 22. Everything is open like Wonderworks, Dave and Busters, Ripley's Aquarium. I'm not that worried. I am mostly excited about this trip.
  7. Could you tell if the trim brakes were on?
  8. I am still trying to get a physical map. But because their offices are closed I can't get one
  9. Where did you find the map? It isn't on their website
  10. Vortex gave me headbanging. But I still enjoyed the coaster.
  11. That's my grandmaw's birthday. My birthday is June 15th.
  12. No. IndyGuy4KI cleaned up the forum.
  13. So that sand colored wall to the right of the track is the transfer track train stalls?
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