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  1. Has anything happened with Orion?
  2. What is Orion's turnaround considered?
  3. Flying High Dronez says that construction is complete. Is this true?
  4. Anything new with testing at the park or Orion?
  5. Anything new with Orion today? What building is this beside Invertigo?
  6. Well, I called my store and they said I could come in and shop.
  7. My Best Buy is open from 10-6. Most Best Buy's are open on limited hours and restricted amount of people.
  8. What is getting off topic? If it is getting off topic make another topic page.
  9. Best Buy is actually still open but is limited to 10-6 and 10-15 people in a store.
  10. Yeah. They should still be able to be open. I feel like maybe those stores are closed due to them being non-essential. If they were open they would most likely be enforcing social distancing. I do know that Best Buy is only accepting online orders for shipping and curbside pickup. Nintendo is only accepting orders for digital items right now, no physical items for sale right now. I am trying to save me some money to buy myself my very first Switch. I plan to buy the Animal Crossing Special Edition and a few games.
  11. I'm surprised that DeWine hasn't closed the state again. The way it looks he probably will again on May 1st.
  12. Living life as normal as I can. Stuck in my house. This is driving me crazy!!

  13. Here is the Dewine & Amy (Laverne & Shirley) parody:
  14. Oh. That is understandable. Do you think they will still have that blue one by the Orion entrance?
  15. I expected the News Van to be blue and near the Orion entrance.
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