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  1. I could see a dark Wild Mouse in the old Crypt building
  2. What did Intamin do to lose Cedar Fair's trust?
  3. What is a quonset hut? Where is the theming for Area 72?
  4. Yes, there are trims. They are just not on for testing as of right now.
  5. Probably calling security a lot
  6. When will Kings Island put up the 2020 park map?
  7. When will they do the next full-circuit test run and when will they release the POV?
  8. Have they removed the last piece yet? @Waltny
  9. The video is not on their youtube yet?!
  10. Here is the video. I also have a Vortex, Flight of Fear (extremely inaccurate), and Invertigo recreation on my channel if you want to check that out. @Klabergian Empire Did you check out the video?
  11. I got an email back from Carowinds. They said the cameras are down for maintenance and will be back up soon.
  12. I think if Fury was built after Orion that Kings Island would have gotten a longer giga, but not a taller one.
  13. I made a King Cobra recreation on Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. Do you want to see it?
  14. I contacted Carowinds about the webcams and they still haven't answered. @IndyGuy4KI What do you think is happening?
  15. I'm glad I rode Vortex back in August. I do regret not riding Firehawk in 2017.
  16. I know they were supposed to get a new waterpark slide. I think one is in Camp Snoopy facing Ripcord. The other one is in Carolina Harbor. It is kind of hard to tell where they are because Carowinds turned the cams off during night time.
  17. Carowinds webcams are currently down. Anybody have an idea why?
  18. Anything new with Vortex demolition today?
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