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  1. Anything happening with Orion? I wonder if the trains will each be a different color?
  2. The station was already demolished though?
  3. Why would they need extended queues?
  4. Yeah, it came back up now. Sometimes the internet sucks. Ugh
  5. The Orion can is down for me right now
  6. The crane is still holding the track piece. Why?
  7. Just like Fury 325's, but 5 years later
  8. What mean is put your prediction of space of Orion compared to Firehawk. Thanks
  9. Could you make a Google maps outline of the Firehawk land and the Orion land side by side? Thanks for making the thread
  10. When do you think the theming will be put in for FOF?
  11. Do you think Kings Island will turn off the cam when Orion starts testing?
  12. What were they welding? Have they put the chain in yet?
  13. Are they even going to install track today?
  14. I love Camden Park. It is my home park. I love Big Dipper especially at night.
  15. Thanks for telling me. It just looked really weird.
  16. This forum is about Camden Park in Huntington, West Virginia. If you have ever been and you have any stories or experiences, please share it on this forum.
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