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  1. The "filter" is gone now. I think the rain washed it away.
  2. What is the new forum called?
  3. Big Yellow is moving a track piece right now. The piece is huge!
  4. I am watching it right now. Big Yellow is not doing anything right now.
  5. I see that half of the batwing is gone.
  6. I talked to SteelVortex. She said the station area was demolished
  7. What I meant is like they would have to run the wire/ride systems/hydraulics through every part of the station.
  8. There is a guy on the catwalk of the lift hill. It looks like the flag is gone.
  9. Kings Island put on their Twitter account that they will release their 2020 operating calendar tomorrow at 3 P.M.
  10. The supports look more gray than white?!
  11. What game did you make it on? I absolutely love this concept!
  12. I go to Camden Park once a year. I love Camden Park! My favorite ride is the Paratrooper and Big Dipper. You have to ride Big Dipper at night.
  13. When I rode Vortex I thought that Vortex had a pre-drop. I want to know what you think about this question. Does Vortex have a pre-drop?
  14. At least we can see Flight of Fear now and what they are doing with the theming of the area.
  15. Kings Island is closed today due to inclement weather. www.visitkingsisland.com
  16. That arcade is the best arcade in Kings Island. I think they should put the entrance behind the gated area and kind of expand Rivertown into the gated area.
  17. Kings Island moved the Orion Construction webcam to face the turnaround area. Woohoo!!!
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