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  1. I would have to think this will cost them a fortune. But then a finance website says "Cedar Fair seen as best positioned in theme park sector"... https://seekingalpha.com/news/3560234-cedar-fair-seen-best-positioned-in-theme-park-sector
  2. From their site: Yes – all 2020 Season Passholders who are in good standing will have their Season Pass and Season Pass Add-ons (if applicable) extended into 2021, regardless of when the purchase was made.
  3. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/passholder-update?fbclid=IwAR3ZIA4KF-q7WGDzEScqXo3mv6S5Gu07JCUU8riwOBP2t9HTyUWvD8vDSJs It seems they have some news.... Indyguy added the pic to have it show up on the front page.
  4. Looks like a 4 page article, and this is just page 3! Here is the beginning. https://www.themerica.org/blog/2019/01/26/kings-island-01
  5. I haven't lived in West Chester/Pisgah since 1990, but yes, I think that is where it was. Really close to Mason, probably less than 15 miles. As I have pointed out before, Congo is also basically the same equipment as the old Jurassic Park ride at Universal Fla, just with more than a lift hill followed by a drop. Bush Gardens had one as a large dark ride. Seems to me like they dropped the ball on Congo.
  6. Banshee would be a problem, as Banshees are Celtic lore, but I like the idea anyway. Just call the new area the Oktoberfest Black Forest, in homage to the old restaurant of the same name.
  7. There is a VERY low quality full-circuit POV of the old Bat on youtube. Not the quality needed for the AT, but CERTAINLY worth watching.
  8. I like it. I was a big fan of the band Over The Rhine from the nineties. We called them OTR and it rolled off the tongue nicely.
  9. Thanks @PilotDude ! That is exactly what I was wondering.
  10. Yes, Woodstock Express was called the Scooby Doo in 1972, then rethemed as the Bestie when The Beast opened. The joke was instead of chains to hold The Beast, they used ropes, and the "beastie" was actually Scooby Doo. I have never heard anyone call The Beast Beastie.
  11. I really was just curious if flying below FAA required tower lighting was legally too low. Legally KI and CF can't control the airspace over the park, but I was curious if below the tower lights was any kind of violation.
  12. Well, watermarking the video seems a little cavalier, doesn't it?
  13. Fair points for sure. I agree that those areas need some "thematic maintenance". Backlot needs that to, and I think the point some are trying to say is that the theme for Backlot (without the movie tie-in) may not be worth investing in. The "Stuntcoaster" was cartainly a cheap way to remove the Paramount tie-in, but it doesn't fit the area at all. Maybe there is a more creative way to cheaply re-theme this ride, so it can fit rivertown better. I like the Pony Express idea! Maybe CF could get Rock Star games ti chip in, and lean-in to the Grand Theft Auto vibe! Some Russian mobsters in track suits, hit a pedestrian or two....
  14. The video is beautiful! I do wonder (only as a philosophical aside, not to start an argument), I know the airspace over KI is fair-game, but this drone flew WAY under 300 feet. Wouldn't Cedar Fair have some legal standing to complain if you flew THAT low with no permission? I would think the FAA would have issue if you flew a drone with no permission THIS low. The flashing lights on those towers are there for FAA regulations, so flying lower than that could be a problem. Also, I am assuming this video was done with permission since they watermarked it with their corp logo.
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