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  1. Looks like King Cobra nostalgia got its own thread! Funny how this thread kinda' died.
  2. The King Cobra thread has a 1999 video posted of the KI roller coasters, and I was reminded of the trees that used to be around the Top Gun ride! I rode Top Gun once around '98 or 99 and loved it. When I rode The Bat in 2015, I knew it was the same ride, but I remembered it being SO much better in '99, but I had NO logical explanation as to why. Seeing that video answered the question. Top Gun was more mysterious, because you couldn't see the entire ride. It is a shame the trees had to come down. Maybe everyone else already knew this, but I feel SO enlightened now!
  3. Oh, Backwards Racer.... I miss you so much!!!
  4. "It reminded me of Americana/Lesourdsville Lake's "Raging Thunder" flume. Just a lift, then a drop. It just seemed "trashy" to me."
  5. Yes, someone should make protest t-shirts. Free The Racer! Remove the tunnels!!!
  6. And, Congo could be re themed as well. I think Bush Gardens has a similar flume that is a long dark ride, ending with the splash down. I think the old Jurassic Park ride at universal was a similar boat and flume. I always thought Congo was such a waste. It reminded me of Americana/Lesourdsville Lake's "Raging Thunder" flume. Just a lift, then a drop. It just seemed "trashy" to me.
  7. King Cobra may be gone, but I will NEVER forget it. I wish it was still around for my kids to ride
  8. My kids and I always pack Ziplocs for phones! We keep a box in the car, and carry about 3 each in the park. People in line for WW Canyon always see us wrap our phones and mention how smart that is, and we typically share the extras.
  9. RMC or a GCI. GCI did a great job with Mystic, and I believe GCI has founder linage that goes back to Philadelphia Toboggan Company.... Vekoma is still apparently able to make suspended coasters, so I would LOVE to see The Bat return to the ride house! It would be cool if they could make it go back into the woods like the old Arrow in South Korea. Alas, with The Bat still standing, not sure this would happen....
  10. Yes yes! Get rid of the tunnel!
  11. I think a great attraction could be a "Nostalgia Theater". It could be attached to a Festhaus type of food court, and be a dining room with a huge screen. They could show POV's of old rides, (if they can be found) like the Screamin' Demon, King Cobra, Sky ride, Kenton Cove, Vortex, Firehawk.... They could possibly include footage from Coney Island in the 60's. They could buy old footage from families from the top of the Eiffel Tower with before/after side by sides.... This park has an important history. With Disney on both coasts having national draw, no one thought a large regional park could compete, and Kings Island basically started an industry! If they are going to do a "cheap" upgrade year again sometime (like with the smokehouses), I think this would be an excellent idea. (by the way, I think the smokehouse was AWESOME for a cheap upgrade! Well played indeed!)
  12. I also miss Kenton Cove. The 2 drop hills made it a short wait too. and the main ride was in the treetops! So cool.
  13. I miss the Zodiac. I think it is a nice family ride. I would think with modern engineering and manufacturing tech, you could make one even bigger. As a kid, it always seemed like a short wait time too.
  14. With all the nostalgia, I would LOVE to see the Zodiac return. I was pretty little when it was there, so I remember it being HUGE. I know we have WindSeeker, but Zodiac just seems like a high capacity ride.
  15. I hope so too. I remember that ride house for The Bat, which I got to ride twice! I loved the original Bat! I was never a big Vortex fan, but that land and ride house are almost sacred....
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