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  1. What is sitting in the middle of the site all by itself?
  2. We went last night to get a pass processed for my youngest and try to have some fun. International Street looks great with the pavers and new fountain design. Tables and umbrellas look good too. The giant trees being gone have really opened up the area. You can definitely notice the new spray designs and water higher into the air. It was wet and cold, so we didn’t end up staying long. I did laugh at watching people covering their faces riding Diamondback in the pouring rain. I’d estimate in total there were about 1000 people there at best. I was also surprised at the number of kids and employees wearing shorts. Apparently not everyone knows how to watch a weather forecast. I looks like it will be fun throughout the season. What I did not appreciate was the self use order Kiosk at the jukebox diner. Whoever designed that system needs their head examined. It’s very unintuitive to use. It made us ring up our meal plan orders separately and then when we did pay for something it lumped it all together for that part. The employees are clueless about using the system. I’m sure it was put in to appease those who want things like that and can’t wait in line, but I personally hated it. I hope it’s not the final setup. It needs some serious work for it to function correctly. Of course, there’s no directions on how to use it. Out of my family, I was the only person not soaked to the bone. So after the meal and some more walking we left. Still spent 2 hours there, even though it didn’t feel like it.
  3. The fact that the sun is trying to come out is just providing more fuel for heavy rain to return. It’s already developing on radar.
  4. Morning weather models are showing temps on Saturday in the low 40s and more rain showers. Friday afternoon/evening may be the only break in the weather at this point, but it certainly won’t be warm. If it looks like mostly a washout, then it’s the perfect time to go... if you’re local.
  5. Both Friday and Saturday look like crap at this point. 50s for highs with 60-80% chance of rain. Realistically, this means the real temps will be in the 40s. If you aren’t local to the area, don’t bother coming. https://local12.com/weather
  6. I would guess white or blue. That’s a traditional color that gives a clean look with the endless/bottomless feel. I would think black would make the water warmer and promote bacteria and algae growth... who wants that?
  7. I thought they just used a forklift and pulled them off the end of the maintenance track? I figured it had something to do with aging trains and original designs not holding the sides completely tight, so this keep them from blowing out.
  8. Bring out your inner Beast, go for an antique drive, or see the timbers — only at Kings Island
  9. The whole Gas Station/Service Building looks awesome! The old style gas pumps with the Zodiac sign, with the spin in the background. Finally! Another fully themed ride. Now they just have to maintain it and keep it looking good. I noticed the bushes and trees that they did put in which will survive the Cincinnati weather just fine. When those get a few years growth, they will be perfect.
  10. They’d be nuts to pass up on said opportunity. I’m sure a similar shirt will appear in the store. I don’t expect exactly the same but something similar. If they opt not to, then I won’t buy anything this season. I didn’t buy anything last season. It’s the exception rather than the rule to find a shirt or hat I actually like and am willing to buy while at the park. That design needs help... too many black thick lines. I think the logo without 2” of all black ink surrounding it would be better. Had they done more of a wooden background like the sign, I think it would have made for a big improvement. I wonder what the stats are for single visit vs season pass holders for mercantile purchases?
  11. Where the newest stuff is old, the oldest stuff is new and fun for many or just a few!
  12. Better yet make the coaster stop halfway and turn into a flat ride. Run it’s cycle stop and finish the coaster part. Should take about 10 minutes for one lap!
  13. That would be cool! Forgot all about the [emoji252]!
  14. Neither of those have anything to do with it. When you’re at the back, it’s like riding a tail. You get whipped around a lot. I can still do it and I’m 6’6”, but not every time.
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