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  1. fyrfyter

    International Street Discussion

    I was. Here’s what I used: The tower is 315’ tall so 300’. Your zip line is the hypotenuse of a right triangle, if the tower is one leg and the fountains another.
  2. fyrfyter

    International Street Discussion

    SoB’s demise, was when PKI opted to do the math in-house and fire the designers. That’s not the case here. You are talking about the hypotenuse of a right angle triangle. That’s easy high school math. When you measure something by hand and then measure it in an app and compare the two results and they’re the same, then you know you can use that in the future as an acceptable option. It’s hard to argue against the facts.
  3. fyrfyter

    International Street Discussion

    Very Steep. Per measure map, the front edge of the fountains is 500’ to the base of the tower. Pythagorean theorem makes the hypotenuse length somewhere close to 584’ using 300’ of height. Throwing 300 & 500 into rise/run calculator makes the angle somewhere around 31 degrees. Percentage grade is 60%. Considering interstates in WV/VA/NC/SC, have steep grade signs for 3-5% grades, tells the story to such a setup. Even at 50’ of height, the grade is still 10% or 5.7 degrees. Hypotenuse is 502’. Max recommended slope on a zip line is 3% for natural braking, max 6% with bungee brakes installed.
  4. fyrfyter

    International Street Discussion

    And I was responding to your post. If you can’t accept my disagreement then don’t post.
  5. fyrfyter

    International Street Discussion

    That will ruin the ambiance and the pictures in front of the fountain. Rides have a place in their respective areas. A zip line elsewhere would be fine. I’ll take a hard pass on this idea.
  6. fyrfyter

    International Street Discussion

    KDs IS trees look overgrown and the fountain looks trashy with the dark green water...
  7. fyrfyter

    My current project (Warning: Nerd Alert)

    I disagree. Advanced Nerdness, would require a replica tower 3D printed with all details, at 0.1 resolution over a week or so.
  8. fyrfyter

    How Much Longer For Boo Blasters On Boo Hill?

    Lets do Phantom Theater as a dark shooter ride.
  9. fyrfyter

    KIC Mobile App?

    If you really want something custom, freelancer.com (used to be rent a coder) has all kinds of people willing to develop mobile apps.
  10. fyrfyter

    KIC Mobile App?

    I know I have many apps- 443 at last check
  11. fyrfyter

    KIC Mobile App?

    Meh. The website is mobile friendly, and we have Tapatalk for the forums. Just doesn’t sound worth it to me.
  12. I’d have told them to pound it. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything. Asking someone to remove their shirt at a metal detector is the wrong way. There are non-public spaces for a reason...
  13. They seriously need to adjust down the sensitivity. If it’s sounding for every belt buckle that comes through, they are wasting time and money on wanding everyone, and slowing down the entry process. To give you an idea the Reds use the exact same type of metal detectors as KI, and they have never sounded because of my belt.
  14. And that’s the best way for it to go. Too bad he backed down. Some kids these days really need their clocks cleaned to teach them some respect...
  15. fyrfyter

    Diamondback Track Inspection . . Just Curious

    You overcome the fear of falling from getting used to doing the ropes and knots on the ground. Then you try indoor rock climbing and rappelling. Keep it low, under a few stories. Then try 5 stories. After that, height won’t bother you. We have a ladder truck at work that is 105’ high at an 85 degree climbing angle. The fall isn’t the problem, it’s the sudden stop when you reach the ground...