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  1. Looking back on everything, I suspect this message came from above KIs control. I suspect they were told to lose the coaster that costs money but was lacking in attendance and sadly that’s the oldest one we have that fit that profile. I hope we don’t get the SBNO treatment on it. That would hurt more than just being gone.
  2. I noticed that as well. The part they rebuilt has really helped and it was quick yesterday.
  3. I would agree with TG/TB just being long due to its random setback at a far location. Got my last ride in on Vortex today. It’s getting harder on me as I get older. I’m still going to miss it though. It just won’t feel like KI without it, unless by chance we get Vortexed, then it might be ok...
  4. Their real name is bowstring trusses. It’s a specific design that’s applied to arches.
  5. Per the ILN weather balloon launch today and recorded sounding, it’s definitely windy with altitude. Wind barbs show direction and speed. Full lines equal 10 knots, half lines are 5, and triangles are 50. Current conditions and forecasts from local airports actually have winds decreasing during the day today.
  6. I don’t think we will see anymore brake run anytime soon. That would put stuff directly in the paths they are using to drop off additional crane parts. Unless they do work further down the circuit, I think the only thing we see going forward for a while is the hill and the drop.
  7. There’s a semi dropping off more crane sections as we speak. Is this a building style crane? It sure looks like it with the box style support structures.
  8. I like the look of this thing. You can see where the water at the end is multifunctional. Yes, it sprays, but it also does a great job of introducing enough drag to slow the coaster car down. Less wear and tear on mechanical parts and things like brakes. Knowing how water works in regards to pumps, it probably uses way less pressure than most think to actually get the car moving.
  9. No thanks. You don’t put crappy topper track on something as classic as The Beast. It wasn’t that long ago where we watched as they rebuilt sections of it during the off season. I have zero concerns and am not interested in topper track for any of our coasters. It will change the experience as a whole, and not in a good way.
  10. Is that anything like the field of screams?
  11. I suspect the crane that is theirs will be leaving when their work is complete. Granted, that will likely conclude with the finishing of the station and transfer/maintenance areas.
  12. Yes. I was having delay issues and couldn’t see what you were seeing.
  13. I don’t see it. It looks like they are currently setting pieces for the station in place.
  14. That’s another great picture and explanation. When someone asked this, the first thought that came to mind was TG/FD/TB transfer track and how it works. I did know that to be the original station and the cutouts above the barn doors where The Bat track came through.
  15. I’ll save you some time in the future... https://www.suncalc.org/#/39.1366,-84.5406,10/2019.10.08/11:20/1/3
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