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  1. I think that it depends upon how the sun hits them and how the camera then translates the image. Sometimes they look lighter, sometimes they are darker.
  2. Thank the warm Winter this year. Usually, it’s bitter cold at this point.
  3. I think part of the problem with this is, the timing is ridiculously suspect. Most places wait until they have lengthy downtime for these type of upgrades. I think we should change the title of this to Webcam Outrage Discussion...
  4. As long as you link the camera DDNS or IP back to the webpage, it works. Had there been some kind of considerable website update or revamp, that would have been a sound justification. But that didn’t happen. Also, it would have been much easier to tell everyone that the website was going down for an update/overhaul. But instead they used “camera software upgrade” as a crutch.
  5. I think the reference that there is a time-lapse, makes it worse from a PR perspective. They said cameras were going down for a software upgrade. If that were true, there wouldn’t be any camera footage at all, especially not a time-lapse. Now you have to play damage control, because of the lie. Don’t lie to the media and the GP. It doesn’t end well.
  6. Possible, but seems unlikely. I would have considered that if they had actually done an overhaul of the site and gave it a new look. I also considered a fiber cut as well. Seeing as how that would have likely severed communications throughout the park, I think that would have been repaired extremely quickly. Fiber cuts aren’t like they used to be. They can usually repair them now same-day.
  7. We don’t know that it isn’t a PTZ cam. That would make more sense at said vantage point. Not everything is done in a way that makes sense.
  8. It’s either an NVR or a server. Here is where the problem lies- upgrading either, would completely knock the cameras offline and there wouldn’t be a time lapse available. We have a camera server at work for security cameras. Just restarting the thing will cause about 5 minutes of security footage to go missing. So the truth is here, but not as originally stated by said entity.
  9. The only thing I learned from that is they intentionally took the cameras offline. Glad they were willing to confirm that, which also makes the “software update” statement a lie.
  10. You’re just not watching the right kind of security footage or NASCAR...
  11. I doubt I’m 100% wrong. If you use security cameras and servers, there is no more or less. It works or it doesn’t. Nobody that I’ve talked to uses VLANs for security. It’s always separate hardware, not a virtual separation an actual physical one. You don’t have to use a VLAN, a subnet is fine.
  12. Cameras. The same way they always functioned, just with this stuff called film and not silicon.
  13. On the same note, whatever software runs the cameras for webcams, likely does the same for security cameras. Think about that for a second...no security cameras at all... That would cost way more than fixing or replacing the camera server.
  14. Are any of us really surprised? I suspect the cams will be back up tomorrow...It's literally a middle finger to the entire enthusiast community.
  15. I think the next to go is The Bat. In 2023 it will be 30 years old. With the space it occupies and remnant SoB space, prime area for redevelopment. Invertigo and BLST just don’t occupy much space. Not much to be gained by removing either of them. You would have to remove or change so much more to make either one feasible for redevelopment.
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