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  1. I watched the gentleman at the Eiffel Tower make one of the kids who climbed through the queue line railing, climb back out and walk through the entrance to the queue. There were only a handful of us in line, but I appreciated that regardless of the line length, that is still important to some people.
  2. fyrfyter

    Decoding 2020

    I would think leaving the path in place at least through construction makes sense. Less time spent moving cranes and man lifts through the mud and dirt if there’s a path that can be used.
  3. Your opinion is noted. I'm not really concerned how you see it or what you think of my response. Guest Services is in the front of the park, while I was all the way in the back of the park. Put more guest services in, have them use social media or don't complain when I opt not to waste MY time going to wait in ANOTHER line at guest services at the front of the park. Here's what it really sounds like on here, nobody wants to deal with the negative issues. We want it to be happy all the time. Well, that's not reality. I don't expect much, but apparently expecting to get what I pay for based on the opinions here is too much. Maybe they should increase prices 20% while the quality continues to decline. Obviously, some of you would be completely fine with that and would be willing to pay more for less.
  4. I’m going to be honest and tell you this sounds like a cop out. It’s 2019. Why should I have to walk to guest services to voice a concern or issue? I’m sure there’s a quicker and easier way to do this than me have to go find someone else to talk with. I’ve spent enough time resolving issues with guest services, like last season when they messed up our drink plan when they tried to activate it the first time we used it. If you can figure out park wide WiFi, you can figure out a better way for this to work as well.
  5. I don’t really use it. I spend way more time on Twitter and FB.
  6. No I did not stop by guest services. Glad someone saw my tweet and responded. Maybe you guys should add a guest services item into the app. Then you will get it straight from the source, good, bad or otherwise.
  7. fyrfyter

    Decoding 2020

    Looked at the shed behind Racer today. There was electrical work going on. They were installing conduit and hanging lights. I noticed when going up the Blue Racer Lift Hill that there are a couple of large boxes that have tarps in them. I suspect this is a soft sided structure. Not sure what it will hold, but it definitely isn’t like the other pole barns nearby.
  8. Went to the park today with the family for my first time this season. It was a good day because we made it a good day. I wish I could say that I enjoyed all of it, but if I did, I would be lying. Just too many issues that exist in the park that nobody cares about. Started with a ride on Boo Blasters, thought it would be fun- that was a horrible idea. Half the targets in the ride don’t work and our car kept resetting throughout. The displays would dim down, go dark and then come back up as all zeros. No fun there. Big delays with the guns. They should fix this ride or junk it. I kindly told them this via Tweet, which got zero response. Glad they care so much. Went on for some more family fun all the flats were great. Talked my 7 year old son, into adding another coaster to his repertoire. He added both Red and Blue Racers today. His first wooden coaster rides at KI. As long as we make steady progress I’m happy. He will now ride BLSC, Racer and AE. Hopefully I can talk him into MT or The Bat before the end of the season. The wife took the younger son for kids rides while I did older rides with the 7 year old. Lots of fun to be had by us. He’s tall enough to ride anything in the park, and now we can ride Dodgems separately. He loves it. We took a family spin on KMAA. That was a blast. Even though the queue was full, it moved quickly. Lots of people working there. They are obviously working hard to keep the capacity up at this point. Plenty of ride ops made for a relatively short wait. Decided to do Brewhouse for lunch. While the food was good, the service is abysmal. We already decided we won’t be going back. I watched someone struggle with the POS system and honoring a guys unlimited band. He scanned the thing 3 times and still couldn’t put in an order. Definite training issues there. We did get our food ordered with relative ease and found a place to sit. Food shows up, but there is no dipping sauce for the tenders. We ask about it. She immediately snaps “we don’t have honey mustard”. I find this troubling that this is her immediate response, when it is clearly listed on the menu. My wife politely asks about BBQ sauce, which they happen to have. Better her than me at this point. They bring us some. My kids are looking for the Ketchup. Our table doesn’t have any. We have Salt and Pepper, Mustard and Sriracha. No Ketchup. We notice as we look around, that no table has all of the items it is supposed to have. Some have salt, others don’t. Some have Pepper, others don’t. I decide I am not asking again. I get up and take Ketchup from an unoccupied table. The kids want more water. I don’t both asking, just walk back up to the machine and get it. I’m ready for someone.to try and stop me, because I am so unhappy at this point. Nobody does. So while I am there, might as well get a Diet Coke refill as well. In the end, the food taste and quality is delicious, but the service and lacking items that are supposed to be there are really hampering what should be a good restaurant at the park. We have decided at this point, we will avoid it in the future. Nobody there cares and it’s obvious by their behavior. After my meal I send another tweet to KIPR which also goes unanswered. By my experience, finding someone who really cares is much harder than someone who doesn’t. Those seem to exist en mass around the park. More rides after lunch including Race for Your Life Charlie Brown. Kids and wife get soaked. I hate wet shoes, so I opt out. The good news is, I hadn’t applied my funpix purchase for this year to my account, but the people at the Funpix booth did an awesome job of finding it an applying it to my account. Now we are back to getting whatever photos we want. Wife and the little one ride Boo Blasters after lunch. It gets stuck - twice during their ride. Yep, this ride is aging like a bull in a China shop. Decide to go to Eiffel Tower for a view. The breeze at the top is decent and it’s cloudy, so you can walk around and see things without getting roasted. It’s fun to look at the park from this view. You can see some things you might normally miss. My son sees the floral items including the date Eiffel Tower and the Clock. He asks if we can see them when we are back on the ground. A few more rides and it’s almost time to head home. Stop at Festhaus for Pizza on the meal plan for the ride home. Happen to be at the front door at 5 o’clock on the money. Got to see the figurines do their show. My kids are mesmerized by this. My wife says she has never seen it before. I told her it was repaired in the off season. Others stop and watch as well. Guess we will have to do that again in the future, as it is really fun to watch. I think it caught most of the people off guard, as they really weren’t expecting it, but did stop to watch. In the end, we made it a fun trip. The meal and the Boo Junkers stuff annoys the heck out of me. For what season passes and meal plans cost, I expect more. I don’t expect perfection 100% of the time, because I understand how things go, but this feels like so far from that. Hopefully the next trip is a little better. Definitely won’t be going back to Brewhouse anytime soon.
  9. fyrfyter

    Decoding 2020

    I’ve never seen any complex machine run on one singular PLC. It usually requires a few of them. It’s all based upon the I/O functions, area covered and how the logic is laid out. I’m just speaking in general terms, since most don’t really understand a PLC and how it functions.
  10. fyrfyter

    Decoding 2020

    Not necessarily- batteries are considered a reliable backup source.
  11. fyrfyter

    Decoding 2020

    I figured the redundant power would be enough to get trains safely back into brake runs and stations to unload them. It has to be safer and easier than unloading on a lift hill and needing safety gear for each passenger.
  12. Does that really require candle form? It’s grease, so it should be flammable. Just sayin’...
  13. fyrfyter

    Decoding 2020

    In a roundabout way, it’s power. I think the brakes are pneumatic, so it’s actually air that makes them function correctly. Some series of valves, like a Mac stack into the PLC is what probably makes it work the way it does.
  14. fyrfyter

    Decoding 2020

    I figured as much. If you know what you’re looking for, you can see many inside the coaster stations when they’re empty. Now to ask the previous question- how many coasters have backup generators with automatic transfer switches, or at least have backup battery banks or large capacitors?
  15. fyrfyter

    Decoding 2020

    I’m not concerned about flat rides. They always just end up stopping. How many of the coasters do? If they use proxes and reverse proxes, then the system can’t tell where the coaster is without power.
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