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  1. That’s a structural model of the original St. Peter’s.

    It’s not. It’s literally barn plans I found online.

    A finished building in this style would be Duluth Trading in West Chester.

    So I guess we are getting the best emporium ever…
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  2. 4 minutes ago, Bwb.32 said:

    it seems that article was updated, the link you have still works as it redirects to the updated story, but according to the article 4 juveniles were arrested on Saturday for disorderly conduct (fighting in the drop off pickup area) 
    its sad that this is continuing to occur, obviously the park has some work to do in mitigating these issues, perhaps having substantial increases in lighting in the parking lot, security cameras in the parking lot, and clearly security at the drop off pickup area needs either an increase, or rework to make sure this doesn't happen again.

    It's definitely becoming a weekend evening problem. We don't go to the park on weekends because of the larger crowds alone. If this keeps up, I hope they just go ahead and post a curfew after 4:00PM. No more lone teens in the park. 

    I'm sure Mason and other jurisdictions aren't pleased about what continues to happen. 

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  3. I’m thinking it is what they said it was. Delirium work, maybe the lift belt or boats in Congo falls, if Skyflyer needed work you’d definitely need a crane, or something with Invertigo at the top of the hills. I doubt we see anything this year and probably next year as well.

    It will be sometime this summer before life resumes most normalcy in over a year. I’m not just talking about Ohio, I mean everywhere.

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  4. So THOSE 2 pictures SURE make it seem like you'll be able to walk way back along the ride.  Why else would the fence (and pathway) be there?   
    Maybe it will eventually lead to another area of the park they'll add on...

    I doubt it. It looks similar to the same security fencing around other rides. Perimeter roads for maintenance purposes only.
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  5. Without getting into specifics and reasons why, when you view the KI webcams on the webpage, it is not being viewed via DDNS, IP, RTSP, Port Forwarding, VPN, P2P, or any other method most would view a camera at their home with....The KI feed is going through at least 3 different software/network platforms before the image is displayed on the webpage.  Each one of those platforms, including the camera and recording device, has software.  Upgrade one and it doesn't talk to the others nicely and...you guessed it...no feed to the website.
    Just because the webcams were not visible to the public doesn't mean they were not visible or not recordable to KI staff...it simply means there was a software issue with one of the software/server platforms from camera to website...
    And actually the top of the tower is climate controlled...ever notice the dripping of water onto you when standing on the top platform waiting for the elevator...that is from the AC unit above as it is climate controlled for the equipment inside...

    I think part of the problem with this is, the timing is ridiculously suspect. Most places wait until they have lengthy downtime for these type of upgrades.

    I think we should change the title of this to Webcam Outrage Discussion... :lol:
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  6. The software update could have been on something other then the cameras them selfs, maybe it was a website software upgrade for the camera page, who knows.

    As long as you link the camera DDNS or IP back to the webpage, it works.

    Had there been some kind of considerable website update or revamp, that would have been a sound justification. But that didn’t happen. Also, it would have been much easier to tell everyone that the website was going down for an update/overhaul. But instead they used “camera software upgrade” as a crutch.
  7. I think the reference that there is a time-lapse, makes it worse from a PR perspective. They said cameras were going down for a software upgrade. If that were true, there wouldn’t be any camera footage at all, especially not a time-lapse.


    Now you have to play damage control, because of the lie.


    Don’t lie to the media and the GP. It doesn’t end well.


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  8. It’s possible that the footage was there and it was recorded but the issue was actually connecting it to the web site. 

    Possible, but seems unlikely. I would have considered that if they had actually done an overhaul of the site and gave it a new look.

    I also considered a fiber cut as well. Seeing as how that would have likely severed communications throughout the park, I think that would have been repaired extremely quickly. Fiber cuts aren’t like they used to be. They can usually repair them now same-day.
  9. Yep. 

    “Can’t they just nudge the camera to the right a little?”
    Not gonna happen. That web cam will be where it is for years. 

    We don’t know that it isn’t a PTZ cam. That would make more sense at said vantage point. Not everything is done in a way that makes sense.
  10. It's probable that they have some sort of local PVR system for the cams that do not require them to be online. Think security.

    It’s either an NVR or a server.

    Here is where the problem lies- upgrading either, would completely knock the cameras offline and there wouldn’t be a time lapse available.

    We have a camera server at work for security cameras. Just restarting the thing will cause about 5 minutes of security footage to go missing.

    So the truth is here, but not as originally stated by said entity.
  11. To tell you the truth, I find webcams to be about as exciting as watching security footage or worse, Nascar. But I am glad they exist and I happy that people do get satisfaction from watching them obsessively, as I am then able to get my updates through the construction thread.

    You’re just not watching the right kind of security footage or NASCAR...
  12. You are almost certainly 100% wrong on this...sorry.
    The webcams are most likely just fed to the Internet straight-up, more or less. The security camera system is much more involved with VLAN's and such...plus more.  It's completely possible the same switches that power the webcams power some of the security cams...and if the switches are down both COULD theoretically be down. But I can promise you they are not all a part of the same software setup. Honestly with the park closed I'd believe just about anything. Many switches might be down. Security camera's might be down, so what---the park is closed, and they still have other security measures in place. I would also believe it if you told me they upgraded their network, and just haven't gotten around to setting up the webcams yet.
    I more or less know what has to be done, but I don't work there, don't know how beefy their IT staff is, and don't know where they are on their priority list. But I'm guessing the webcams are bottom-of-the-barrel as concerns day-to-day operations.

    I doubt I’m 100% wrong. If you use security cameras and servers, there is no more or less. It works or it doesn’t. Nobody that I’ve talked to uses VLANs for security. It’s always separate hardware, not a virtual separation an actual physical one. You don’t have to use a VLAN, a subnet is fine.
  13. Ya cause webcams are the priority with haunt tear down into winter fest setup. Not to mention them building their biggest investment in history and also removing one of their most historic coasters, ya I'm sure the webcams are a bigger priority.

    On the same note, whatever software runs the cameras for webcams, likely does the same for security cameras. Think about that for a second...no security cameras at all... That would cost way more than fixing or replacing the camera server.
  14. 7 minutes ago, Klabergian Empire said:

    Yep. Its happened......and sadly without the webcams........

    Are any of us really surprised? I suspect the cams will be back up tomorrow...It's literally a middle finger to the entire enthusiast community. 

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  15. I think the next to go is The Bat. In 2023 it will be 30 years old. With the space it occupies and remnant SoB space, prime area for redevelopment. 

    Invertigo and BLST just don’t occupy much space. Not much to be gained by removing either of them. You would have to remove or change so much more to make either one feasible for redevelopment.

  16. I think someone with "earned credibility" is someone who has proven their knowledge and resources regarding the park/industry as a whole. 
    Brown actually did quote Shaggy's post when he made the viagra joke. I myself missed it. Looks like others did, as well. 

    I don’t believe that covers everything.

    If they want a change, it’s time to clarify and update the TOS.
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