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  1. Somehow, I don’t think a flight commander billboard is going to go over well...
  2. I don’t expect KIs fountain to look anything like this. This looks extremely old school in the setup. Modern fountains don’t look like this. All the nozzles look bad because they are oxidized, since they are copper. Most modern fountains use stainless steel.
  3. I watched the Twitter video and note a couple of things. 1.) There are zero visible anchors in the bottom of the fountain. I suspect the pedestals are gone. If the pedestals were coming back, I’d expect to see some kind of supporting structure for them. Now seems late to be doing that kind of work. 2.) See the “S” shape running the length of the fountain? Reminds me of a series of nozzles that could spray all at once or in different sequences. With lighting and music, would make for a very skilled water show. There are other frames that clearly show them as either different lengths of pipe or conduit.
  4. That stuff at Bellagio uses compressed air to not only raise the sprayers and the platforms they are on, but also for the motion of the nozzles and rapid movement of the water. Bellagio was designed by WET Design. I have a book on the fountains there. I doubt Kings Island will be going to that extreme, but, I think the fountain would look immediately better without the pedestals. They always looked dated and junky to me.
  5. Maybe they got wind of Google’s satellite getting ready to make a pass...
  6. I’m going with someone could literally walk around with those all day and most wouldn’t know what is going on. Security isn’t going to figure it out. I’ve been questioned about both my Keyport and the Challenge coin I carry with me. If they can’t understand those items they aren’t going to figure out sunglasses with an onboard camera. When AR glasses become a thing are they going to question those too?
  7. Probably a little deeper than at KI. More clay to bedrock. The water plant tower near the river bottoms at 24 feet below the surface of pool level of the river.
  8. They don’t want to deal with the fallout potential of serving alcohol to someone underage. That’s why. Every establishment is allowed to set its own rules.
  9. I voted... maybe... if you expect results in an instant, you’re not going to get them. Come back tomorrow.
  10. I think that is going in the wrong direction. Coasters are loud regardless of their design and materials. Why would you want to built it towards your new dorms? You are eliminating space that could be used to build a 2nd dorm building, if the demand is there. I think the other way back through the trees towards the river makes more sense. 300’ is going to require a serious lift hill and that will need a bunch of space. I think this is a better idea:
  11. Hamilton County used to pay for aerial imagery, not satellite. There would be “+” and “L” signs on lots of manhole covers to make sure shots were lined up correctly.
  12. Good luck with that. If everyone knew about satellite tasking and trying to get imagery without foliage and cloud cover it would all make sense. The reality is, this is probably more coincidence than anything else. It would be the same as if Google just happened to get satellite images right now as well.
  13. Are you coming to Hamvention as well? [emoji848][emoji23]
  14. I don’t think it has to deal with being the focal point at all. Yes, lots of pictures at this point, but that isn’t why it needs to be impressive. It’s the first thing you see when you enter the park. It needs to be impressive from the appearance of street through a small town, to the fresh water of the fountains to the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower. There’s a reason Disney designs their parks this way at the entry and why a similar design works with many other amusement parks across the nation. A refresh once in a while is fine, but it isn’t something alone that will draw the guests in. There has to be more than that, including rides, entertainment, experiences, food and the willingness to work on all these different items at the same time to come up with the best guest experience a park can offer.
  15. I think the roots pose a bigger issue. More roots causes pavement to crack and pavers to move around, since you can’t stop the tree from growing. If you chop the roots, then you just make the tree unhealthy and parts of it die and rot. There is to easy solution to this other than larger grassy areas. Large trees just don’t work in the middle of the park regardless of their natural shade.
  16. The Blue area is about 21k sq ft or .65ac. The red area wouldn’t work. 9k sq ft or .21ac.
  17. I can’t see those low percentage drops being more than the ebb and flow of the business. If it was something like a 5-10% drop, then that might be indicative or a larger problem. Let’s also note that when the economy was down, people elected to stay closer to home which provided KI with gains. When the economy is good, people have extra money and travel further for entertainment and vacations. I just don’t see a big swing here. Some years are better than others, especially when new rides and attractions are added and for a season or two after. They may not be spending $30M on KI for 2019, but based upon a new attraction and the redoing of IS, I’m betting they’re easily spending $5M on improvements. The IS reconstruction can’t be cheap, especially with the fountain improvements. On the financial reports, the listing of improving those parks doesn’t give a timeline. That could be for the next year or the next ten. We really don’t know.
  18. We have a Japanese Maple here that has survived well, minus the one year where it got too warm and then rain froze on it. Someone forgot a continent...hmmm
  19. It doesn’t look like the covered bridge is finished. Will it be fully enclosed, or do we expect those openings to stay?
  20. I got it!!! We’re getting a Giga version of this! How do you “time” the accident each time...? https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/09/29/lightwater-valley-roller-coaster-accident_n_5904058.html
  21. Here’s the important info to watch for. FCC will actually post if a tower is undergoing specific changes.
  22. Last time I checked, KI wasn’t the FAA and couldn’t restrict airspace. People have done it before. I’m sure they will again.
  23. Airplane over the park, a drone, or just task a satellite. Many ways to see what is really going on.
  24. The current rides definitely help it out. When AZ became a thing was under Paramount, when they added TG and DZ and renamed the coaster everyone loves and hates to Face/Off. I remember the water tower. When it was AZ in the late 90s and early 2000s it worked. It just doesn’t anymore. A forest theming would be good. There are some trees. More could be added. They could also add in fake trees to help fill in the gaps until real trees can grow in. Banshee and Bat fit fine. Not sure how Delirium fits that. Congo falls is a stretch, Invertigo is completely wrong in color and name. That would have to change. DZ could easily become some kind of large tree themed ride. I think I would name it something like The Forest. It doesn’t have to be only one type of forest, it could be several different ones and it would still fit the Oktoberfest theme just fine.
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