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  1. I think those are to support the partial legs until they can be fully assembled at the top. After that they will likely be removed.
  2. The one that supports the coaster safely. Design doesn’t matter as long as it gets the job done safely.
  3. The hilarity of this is we are now bleeding over the citing of sources from the Orion thread. It’s getting to the point of being unable to discuss anything without a source, which makes forums useless.
  4. You’re catching on... exactly my point...
  5. I want to hear about this as well. In this case, dismantling the ride by a coaster construction company would make more sense, since they could cannibalize certain parts of the ride as donor parts for other rides. That thought cannot be completely tossed, no matter how much we dislike that idea.
  6. Probably not. Scrap is down to $40 a ton. That’s the reason most of the scrappers have disappeared. It was $80/ton before the tariff kicked in. It will probably sit for a while, wherever it lands.
  7. I wonder which metalurgist/engineer got to brighten someone’s day with that news?
  8. 33 years of Cincinnati weather... sounds about right.
  9. There’s no guarantee to that. If they want max sales the price will stay the same. If they hit a threshold point, then it could increase. Have renewed at various times over the years and it’s always listed as the lowest price.
  10. I like this has the potential to never give the same ride twice. Offsetting weights would really change things if the coaster actually allows free rotation.
  11. That’s an opinion, not a fact. Rollercoaster noise, especially drop noise is the great detractor. It’s obnoxious. It is also a lot less pronounced at places like Disney, compared to KI. For a place that is only open part of the year, I’d rather they not waste money on the outside of a building. Whereas the Crypt does stand out, FoF, not so much. Unless you are on a coaster you can’t see most of the FoF building.
  12. I expect this to be extended until the end of Winterfest.
  13. Rivertown would also be beautiful minus the drop noise from Diamondback. Maybe they should remove that as well...
  14. You’re complaining about the outside of a building in relation to the ride inside. If they are going to spend time and money somewhere, I’d rather it be on the inside of the structure. Who cares what the outside looks like as long as it isn’t a rusty mess.
  15. It definitely needs a modern facelift to get rid of the tan colors on the interior and give it a refresh. We were just there before they closed for a week of “maintenance”. I hope they worked on the water park. Several things weren’t working correctly and needed some TLC and the paint was looking rough in places. They did remodel most of the restrooms since last year, so they look good and are more functional.
  16. That would make sense as it would probably cost considerably less since they already have equipment and personnel on site. Wonder what happens to the trains? Will we see them elsewhere?
  17. I’m afraid of bubbles too... [emoji23]
  18. And they’ll be gone like a fart in the wind once this is over...
  19. Looking back on everything, I suspect this message came from above KIs control. I suspect they were told to lose the coaster that costs money but was lacking in attendance and sadly that’s the oldest one we have that fit that profile. I hope we don’t get the SBNO treatment on it. That would hurt more than just being gone.
  20. I noticed that as well. The part they rebuilt has really helped and it was quick yesterday.
  21. I would agree with TG/TB just being long due to its random setback at a far location. Got my last ride in on Vortex today. It’s getting harder on me as I get older. I’m still going to miss it though. It just won’t feel like KI without it, unless by chance we get Vortexed, then it might be ok...
  22. Their real name is bowstring trusses. It’s a specific design that’s applied to arches.
  23. Per the ILN weather balloon launch today and recorded sounding, it’s definitely windy with altitude. Wind barbs show direction and speed. Full lines equal 10 knots, half lines are 5, and triangles are 50. Current conditions and forecasts from local airports actually have winds decreasing during the day today.
  24. I don’t think we will see anymore brake run anytime soon. That would put stuff directly in the paths they are using to drop off additional crane parts. Unless they do work further down the circuit, I think the only thing we see going forward for a while is the hill and the drop.
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