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  1. There’s a semi dropping off more crane sections as we speak. Is this a building style crane? It sure looks like it with the box style support structures.
  2. I like the look of this thing. You can see where the water at the end is multifunctional. Yes, it sprays, but it also does a great job of introducing enough drag to slow the coaster car down. Less wear and tear on mechanical parts and things like brakes. Knowing how water works in regards to pumps, it probably uses way less pressure than most think to actually get the car moving.
  3. No thanks. You don’t put crappy topper track on something as classic as The Beast. It wasn’t that long ago where we watched as they rebuilt sections of it during the off season. I have zero concerns and am not interested in topper track for any of our coasters. It will change the experience as a whole, and not in a good way.
  4. Is that anything like the field of screams?
  5. I suspect the crane that is theirs will be leaving when their work is complete. Granted, that will likely conclude with the finishing of the station and transfer/maintenance areas.
  6. Yes. I was having delay issues and couldn’t see what you were seeing.
  7. I don’t see it. It looks like they are currently setting pieces for the station in place.
  8. That’s another great picture and explanation. When someone asked this, the first thought that came to mind was TG/FD/TB transfer track and how it works. I did know that to be the original station and the cutouts above the barn doors where The Bat track came through.
  9. I’ll save you some time in the future... https://www.suncalc.org/#/39.1366,-84.5406,10/2019.10.08/11:20/1/3
  10. That was definitely a shadow. They rotated the crane and there is nothing there.
  11. That could be correct as well. The picture shows that the backbone slants slightly as to its overall height.
  12. The question that just came to mind is how many of those can they safely set, without the legs up? This may be one of those days where we see 2 cranes in operation at once. One to hold the legs after they are in place and then set the remaining pieces of the backbone in.
  13. I agree. I suspect your part in red is in 2 pieces though. It would be darn tough to move it as 1 continuous piece that has to line up correctly in 2 different places on 2 different planes.
  14. That would make sense. If they built several of those pieces together and then tied them into the valley they have installed, it would be vertical, but also have the linear strength of the other pieces of track. Help hold the backbone while they build the drop.
  15. I think they’ll renovate another restroom as well... tis cheap...
  16. The queue is shorter. There used to be more railing headed back towards the diner. They removed a lot of it when KMAA was installed. Those station pics are interesting- there was no bridge over the track when that station was originally built.
  17. The article says it will be up by the first week of November. There’s probably a weeks worth of work just to put the crane together.
  18. That shouldn’t really be a surprise, with our extra month of “summer”
  19. Stagnant pool for mosquitoes... no thanks. I think they would also have to completely change and redo the queue. I think part of it now sits where water used to be.
  20. I only know of one local department with a Bronto. Yes, 20 is a lot, but when you have unlimited concrete space, I suppose 20 isn’t much.
  21. I don’t see the crash part. Malfunction does not automatically equal crash. On the flip side, RCFD has been trying to get new vehicles, enough people to function and settle their contract as well. Guess which one of those items has just been proven? That would be , all 3. Nothing like an elevated technical rescue to justify the need and make the current status clear.
  22. The “feet” on the sides of the crane are known as outriggers or jacks. The crane will usually check all of them for contact before allowing a heavy lift since the crane is only at its strongest when all of them are touching a solid surface.
  23. Don’t ask me why, but I still find it hilarious that you have to start with a small crane to built a bigger one and then use a bigger crane to build the biggest one, which may also add parts onto the bigger one before it’s all said and done!
  24. So now the billion dollar question, what is the value Cedar Fair believes its company to be worth? Obviously more than 4, but just for fun throw your ideas and reasoning out there. Current market cap is $3.38B. Revenue was $1.349B. Net income is $127M for the year. It looks like they run 3-6% on the annual return when things are on the upswing. A little riskier but better than any bank around here! I don’t think the $650M difference was enough to turn heads. SF must be shouldering some massive debt, because even though they are worth more than CF they are hardly making any more money on the year than CF is. Their cash on hand is really low as well. My guess is that offer would have to increase dramatically, like $6-8B, before any interest is attracted.
  25. A 4x4 box crib is capable of supporting 6,000 lbs per contact point, so 24,000 lbs for 4 pieces of wood. Up that to 6x6 and you get 15,000 lbs per contact point, for 60,000 lbs total for 4 pieces of wood. The larger the piece, the higher the weight per contact point, the more you can support. Edit: this was written for FEMA US&R but explains it well. https://www.absoluterescue.com/vehicle/quick-tipbox-cribbing/
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