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  1. Yes. They did that a couple of days ago.
  2. These are called “ground pads”. There are lots of situations where they are used, for even weight distribution. Plus, it will help compact the base as a whole. What will be interesting to see, is if this is it, or if they start laying large metal plates over top of it. The idea is to keep building up until a layer is firm with little flex.
  3. He's thinking of the future - 2080s, instead of the past. I wonder what KMAA will look like in 2080... i doubt any of us will be around to ride it...
  4. The simple answer to this is then don't ride it. That's more opportunities for the rest of us. Rides that are higher and go faster need longer brake runs. There's no argument there, just simple facts.
  5. The theme song to Bonanza. I'd just as soon they remove the modern junk and fill it with old tunes, or turn it all off. It's also decent when someone has a clue about the history of it and can just talk to the guests. Positive interaction is best!
  6. No you cannot. Improper use of random characters violates the TOS. I don’t consider Orion a cheap giga. If we are going to talk about cheap rides, there are so many others to choose from.
  7. Like I didn’t see this coming a mile away... Everyone wanted to talk about how much lower their prices will be. Yup, this is definitely “lower”...
  8. Maybe we can talk SF into buying Coney Island, then they’ll leave the rest of us alone...
  9. They would take advantage of this quicker than you would ever believe. They don’t even have to paint anything. Some Superman stickers and life is good! After watching what they did to KK, not interested in any way, shape or form. I had a season pass to KI during the Paramount days— at least to that end, Paramount would spend money in the park and do some stuff. We saw what SF did to KK.
  10. I doubt it. I really think Vortex is a popularity issue. Most days even when the park is busy, Vortex is almost a walk-on. The more I think about this, the more apparent it becomes. They made the queue on the pathway much shorter in previous years, because it was no longer needed. I truly believe some part of this ride is hitting failure state. Something that is of significant enough expense that cost vs benefit is rapidly playing into it. I don’t believe the brakes story and I don’t believe the controller after hearing from those on this forum. So what’s left? Chain, anti-rollback, lift motor, Paint job, etc. Which of these items is the true likely demise of this coaster. What about the MCBR? Could there be something going on there that is costly enough that someone has decided it isn’t worth repairing?
  11. I didn’t say anything about that. But you said movable cams would never happen, which makes zero sense. PTZ cams would be perfect as you never have to physically move them, just go in and adjust them.
  12. Never say never. PTZ cams vs static ones make that an easy proposition.
  13. I think they just need to add more cams. It’s not like they are expensive. Obviously with the ease of moving them they have the infrastructure in place for this. If they don’t move one to the far end of Racer, we will never see that end of Orion being built.
  14. That’s a very large piece of track...
  15. It looks like they set it on the close edge of the gravel pad. I wonder if that means they are going to work on the helix and ground section over there? It would be tough to access that area after the lift hill is in place.
  16. I doubt it’s brakes. Failure of the control system seems more likely. I can understand that from a cost perspective. With arrow no longer in business, it’s not just a PLC upgrade to a newer unit. I doubt the wiring schematics on Vortex still exist. I don’t see them keeping it SBNO. With large cranes already on site, probably cheaper to scrap it now. SBNO just will make it look junky next season. I’ll bet it’s gone in record time.
  17. I wonder if they will continue to do the low work where they can? Maybe they complete much of the rest of the circuit to finish with the start/end later on?
  18. I agree. I think they are bolting the backbone into lengths of 2 pieces so that when the big cranes are in, they can erect them rapidly. I think they are just staging them where convenient.
  19. It looks like they are assembling 3 pieces together.
  20. So the construction crew is “trolling” us...? That’s a new one...
  21. I may be wrong, because they are out there doing stuff again with that backbone mount.
  22. I’m going to guess they are stopping for the day. 41 minutes ago the temp was already up to 85. It’s now showing 89. With a forecast high of 94. This is quite unusual for us for October. I’d say weather is having a negative effect at this point. At some point you have to decide when the working conditions become inhospitable and inhumane. It’s not just the heat. The steel has to be expanding and getting very hot with time. We may just have to wait a few days for the dry cold front to move through.
  23. Going to be tough to see until the sun angle increases and we lose some of the glare.
  24. Looking at the pic, They probably left the tree as a general reference point. It looks like it’s literally right in line with the rest of the structure. Seeing as how there are buildings between the beginning of the ride, and the end of it, it’s a simple vertical reference for the general area things need to head that is above the buildings. Sometimes you use what nature already provides for as long as it is feasible.
  25. I hope we don’t get another wooden coaster out of this. It will just be a waste of Vortex’s demise. I am also tired of B&M. Pick another manufacturer who can do something different and change it up. Steel with 6 inversions again, or better yet, 7!
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