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  1. Would Vekoma be able to retro fit the current track system, and adapt their train to run on TG's Arrow track configuration? Are Vekoma & Arrow track designs similar, or exactly the same?
  2. Does anyone know what the status is of Arrow Dynamics? Are they still in bankruptcy filing or have things gotten better for the company now that X is back up and functional? Just a question. Anyone that has any news regarding the future plans for Top Gun, and Arrow Dynamics please help me out. I would very much like to see Top Gun again with two trains, so it speeds the queues up a bunch, and gets its capacity back up to 100 percent. Arrow's website is less than helpful, and I cannot find any new news on Arrow's or Top Gun's future plans.
  3. Can't wait to get delirious on Delirium. It will be awesome having another flat, and working our flat collection back to greatness.
  4. Went on Beast, but didn't notice it running slower. TR was broken when we wanted to ride it, so we rode Beast first and TR second. I think that the other flat we are supposedly getting, could also fit in the KC area, and give KI the opportunity, to add another walkway between Action Zone and FoF.
  5. I went to the park today, since it is the first time in almost a month that it has been open to the public. It was great! The temperature was perfect, and there weren't a ton of people in the park. Most rides had to wait only about 5 to 10 mins to ride, except for the popular ones, which were no more than an hour. There is movement on KC's old site, in the form of bulldozers, which are clearing away the old pilings that supported KC, and they have begun digging and lowering the level of the land. some cranes have also appeared in the area near water works. wonder why? Apparently, also, work has begun on the phantom theater (or should I say scooby doo) building, as most of the items on the outside of the strucutre have been removed, and if you take the trail through HBL to where the picnic shelters are, and look over the fence, the old gray cars from phantom theater are currently being stored there. Didin't get any pics but had a great time, riding all the excellent rides. Top Gun is very slow, in terms of moving people, and one can only hope they find another train for next season. Perfect weather for rollercoasters!
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