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  1. The games you can play, when it comes to terrain and how things look. This reminds me of downtown Cincinnati. Great American Tower is actually taller than Carew Tower. The difference is, it sits at a much lower level than the Carew Tower does, so it looks shorter.
  2. I think this is just poor decision making across the board. Someone doesn’t know how to really analyze data. You fudge the data to say what you want or actually take it at face value for the information it provides. They also stated that the deep end of the pool is the least used. Does that have anything to do with them removing the diving boards and putting in a separate pool for just those? They can’t build a waterpark in an instant. If they think they can they are already fooling themselves. I’m guessing they’ll be belly-up in 1-2 years, because this isn’t going to help the bottom line.
  3. It looks like the yellow crane is for lifting off track and supports as they are delivered. Based upon where it is sitting, would be perfect to back up a semi, remove the pieces and send the semi on its way. I expect we will see 3-4 cranes operating at once before this is all said and done. Watching them erect a giant crane, probably with a huge jib will be fun to watch. There can’t be many that are mobile and can get above that 300 foot mark. If you can keep the Fury fans from voting, we should be fine...
  4. I found it! A Direct link to the Orion webcam!! Orion Webcam
  5. This isn't one of those things that will happen in an instant. They also never mentioned when or what it would show. Until they actually start placing track, I'm not really interested in watching it.
  6. Not a different color. It’s just your eyes playing tricks on you with shadows and lighting.
  7. That doesn’t mean tomorrow. That could be anytime from now until next Spring.
  8. I keep reading the maintenance horror stories on these and it reminds of The OG Bat and SoB. No thanks. It still feels like a prototype design. Until someone perfects it, zero interest there. We don’t need another coaster that is open for a day and then closed for 5.
  9. I think it looks better with the whole Orion hill on the page. The DB lifthill needs to be shortened quite a bit. I think the way it exists now, is because it was the tallest. Now, it needs to look smaller compared to Orion.
  10. I wouldn’t have an issue with that. Water coasters are fun and probably equivalent for ride requirements.
  11. One word... rides. AZ and A72 all need more flats. Spin and Puke type for AZ, some dark ride or something family friendly for A72 would be ok, since neither of the coasters are. Flat rides seem to be some random thing that shows up every once in a great while. I find this really sad. I’d rather they add one or 2 of these each year to keep things interesting. It’s expensive, to plant trees and maintain them. It’s also difficult to get them to grow well when they are surrounded by concrete, brick and blacktop. Could they add more shade...yes, that does not necessarily equal trees however. The added problem is Cincinnati weather is really tough on trees. From the hot dry summers to the harsh winters, it really takes a long time for trees to mature here and provide decent shade. I think there are options, but trees aren’t on my list. The waterpark is fine. Nothing needed there. They just re-did the entry way fountains and buildings, so nothing there. Literally, beyond rehabbing more bathrooms and rebuilding some structures it’s literally rides that need to be added/changed/replaced/modified. I really wonder what is on the 5-10-20 plan for KI.
  12. Agree. I was expecting more than a trickle creek. I’m surprised they put water draggers on the coaster cars. Figured that would be too much drag and a pain to keep the water level just right. I figured it would just be a trigger for a series of fountains.
  13. Did anyone see the farmers almanac forecast for winter? There are actually 2 farmers almanacs- Old Farmers Almanac and Farmers Almanac. They are completely different. One is forecasting a “Polar Coaster” for winter for us. Maybe we should re-name Orion to Polar Coaster until next Spring? It wouldn’t be Cincinnati if a really large project didn’t have to fight the brutal Cincinnati winter!
  14. How do you get ROI on a bathroom...?
  15. I'm going to guess the Station and transfer track will be the first part to go vertical. It is the part that requires the most work even after it has been built.
  16. Did it take 19 years of technology and a different manufacturer to get there? Shorter ride length but a longer duration...
  17. definitely better...I hope whatever theming they add is coherent, not just random stuff pulled from the FoF hangar.
  18. I'm with you on this one. The storyline is just bad. After all the time spent with the clues and hints, then that is the storyline. I also was like... what did he just say?
  19. Aren't most of the threads on here about speculation?
  20. I wonder if they will change the FoF theming to something more human friendly?
  21. I guess it’s time for the KIC discord server then... [emoji23]
  22. My bet on this is at least a couple of cars. I’m guessing it’s not a full train, just enough for a piece of rail and the announcement to look good.
  23. Told ya! I’m sure it got moved last night under the cover of darkness. I have a question, not sure if anyone has an answer. Do they fill transfer track with sand, like they do the rest of the track?
  24. I’m thinking they will. I think the current difficulty is you can’t really relocate a water tank when you are actively using it. Those type of projects are better suited for the off season. It would be really cool if they added a functional water tower into the XBase area and themes it to match the other structures there. A functional addition to the theming.
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