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  1. Agree on one straight piece being present with the name hanging off it and being covered. The obvious part for me is that trailer looks really nice and only has a single piece of track on it. Usually there are several pieces stacked however they can fit them and because trailers are well used, they don’t look all that nice. My guess is either tonight or tomorrow after 8pm it will get snuck into the park for the announcement.
  2. From what I keep reading it’s either/or. There is no official definition of Giga lift hill height vs Giga drop. If the lift hill was 301 and the drop was 296, the same thing would be said.
  3. Vredefort crater is listed as 300km across. There's that magic number again. Wonder what the sizes of the other craters are?
  4. They’re in Degrees Minutes Seconds, instead of decimal degrees. If you don’t put in all the marks, it won’t come out correctly.
  5. I think they should have EIH - Extra Island Hours...
  6. I’d trust them more if they used Affinity... [emoji848][emoji12]
  7. Makes me think there is a threshold before we get another teaser or an announcement... EDIT: maybe TEOTWAWKI is actually The End of the Wait as we know it, either to the announcement or a ride that has a ridiculous capacity...hmm
  8. It says Junctional rhythm with ST Depression. Not buying it, sure looks like there is some serious elevation in V5/6. Getting that Lateral look or possibly inferolateral.
  9. Agree. However, this also a by-product of parents letting their kids have access to phones and electronic devices all the time. Our kids have video games and tablets, but they aren’t allowed to stare at them all day. We still expect them to go outside and play. I hate amusement park fireworks. Minus Disney and those who spend lots of time and money to make them good, the end of night shows are just lame. I’ll gladly take the community event fireworks shows as they are usually set to music and change every year.
  10. That makes the point even easier. I suspect they have the full set, as well as a note not to clear the prints before a given date. Only cleared what they needed to get steel & concrete in the ground in a few places.
  11. It’s over. If there’s a stamp on the first page, they are approved. You don’t have to stamp every page. Just because we can’t see a working set, doesn’t mean they aren’t already there.
  12. I’m going with the return of Tomb Raider. The whole dirt thing is just a red herring. Time to move on... confirmed!!
  13. Visual Sensory Deprivation... makes me think of a coaster with a VR headset. They had one at Legoland. Maybe that explains the random changes? They always make it an option, on if you want to wear it when riding.
  14. Do the sequence numbers make more sense if the word makes sense? Do they point to anything?
  15. A quote from Facebook as a source? https://www.facebook.com/CBSThisMorning/posts/the-average-person-scrolls-through-300-feet-of-mobile-content-a-day-according-to/1735228386530826/
  16. Highly unlikely with concrete already in the ground.
  17. What's the time delay, when building department, fire, plumbing, and electrical all have to be reviewed again and they won't let you move forward with what you want to do? The other part is, if there are other projects ongoing, said update doesn't automatically move to the front of the line.
  18. It costs thousands of dollars to submit plans like these. Modifications require another fee and submitting a new set of plans. They aren't changing. Most places use a sliding scale based upon size of the project and it is not just the building department that has to review the plans.
  19. Watch, this will end up being WOW LOL @KI... just because...lol
  20. That isn’t exactly correct. They usually use the term MSL, for mean sea level, because the sea level can and does vary, just like the tides do. Other than daily tides there are also seasonal tides, which vary greatly.
  21. I watched the gentleman at the Eiffel Tower make one of the kids who climbed through the queue line railing, climb back out and walk through the entrance to the queue. There were only a handful of us in line, but I appreciated that regardless of the line length, that is still important to some people.
  22. I would think leaving the path in place at least through construction makes sense. Less time spent moving cranes and man lifts through the mud and dirt if there’s a path that can be used.
  23. Your opinion is noted. I'm not really concerned how you see it or what you think of my response. Guest Services is in the front of the park, while I was all the way in the back of the park. Put more guest services in, have them use social media or don't complain when I opt not to waste MY time going to wait in ANOTHER line at guest services at the front of the park. Here's what it really sounds like on here, nobody wants to deal with the negative issues. We want it to be happy all the time. Well, that's not reality. I don't expect much, but apparently expecting to get what I pay for based on the opinions here is too much. Maybe they should increase prices 20% while the quality continues to decline. Obviously, some of you would be completely fine with that and would be willing to pay more for less.
  24. I’m going to be honest and tell you this sounds like a cop out. It’s 2019. Why should I have to walk to guest services to voice a concern or issue? I’m sure there’s a quicker and easier way to do this than me have to go find someone else to talk with. I’ve spent enough time resolving issues with guest services, like last season when they messed up our drink plan when they tried to activate it the first time we used it. If you can figure out park wide WiFi, you can figure out a better way for this to work as well.
  25. I don’t really use it. I spend way more time on Twitter and FB.
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