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  1. Same here, I spent a lot of late nights in food walking past it. Music was off, but that darn duck thing was still on.
  2. You forgot to take into account the shipping costs of the trains since they aren't made locally. Also, the virus might be a good thing for the park in terms of development since the TREX model might get more fleshed out by the time the park looks to build a new coaster. I doubt KI would build a raptor anyways since the capacity wouldn't be what the park is looking for, a ground up RMC like lightning rod or a TREX would be more in line with that they're looking for. I think it's really a toss up right now at which Ohio park CF wants to make the new thrill park of the midwest. CP might be running out of space, so that could be an issue for them. If they have the space, then KI would likely turn more into a family thrills park, which makes the addition of a MACK multilaunch a lot more likely. A coaster like time traveler also has a lot of promise. Due to the way the land is laid out, the park could do a lot of things to make it the tallest, longest, ect. That would provide a lot of enticement to come to the park without building something that's too big that might turn some away.
  3. Can't speak for yesterday, but on the 4th we cut the line off early in order to cycle everyone off by 945. I'd expect this trend to continue honestly since KI might not want to pay the additional labor to essentially have employees sit and watch the fireworks.
  4. The strongest open one at the very least, CP can't really compete while a third of their rides and half of the shops are closed.
  5. You forgot the 100% german bungee ball
  6. It's interesting to see that the park is still going through with this. The menu is likely limited because it's in testing. I imagine the main reason that the park is doing this is to eliminate a cashier position. Likely cutting it down to 1 person physically on register, but in a few years, removing the need completely with self serve kiosks and mobile ordering. Lots of bugs in both systems still I imagine, but a good start by the park in reducing the number of employees needed, this probably won't lead to job losses as food stands are usually understaffed anyways, so you guys will just see a more efficient food service in general.
  7. I really kinda wish Orion featured a super massive zero g roll instead of the wave turn, or at least put an inversion somewhere. I actually am starting to get slightly bored with the coaster now that I've ridden it a bunch, just lost it's luster to me I guess.
  8. That's what the yellow is, they sodded the ground for grass to grow. You'll green there in a few months
  9. Fairly certain B&M has a US train manufacturing shop. Would make sense since they do so much work here. They manufacture the track at Clermont Steel after all.
  10. I feel like it has to be the ground or how the footers were installed. It's not like B&M changes their track every time it goes in at a park, the only real factor that changes is the ground and footers.
  11. Not like the park will have to dig everything up and replace it with reinforced earth. Just gotta make the footers bigger/deeper. They likely will want to avoid a repeat of Banshee's rattle when the next one comes along, so I think we can expect future coasters to have a stronger base. Maybe a manufacturer will come up with a new innovation that significantly reduces rattling by modifying the trains or track somehow. Could a more flexible, but durable track work perhaps?
  12. I'm thinking they might do something like phantoms revenge or incredible hulk with using the track piece as theming for the upcoming coaster that might fill that spot. If that's the case, then we're most likely going to see some sort of multi-inversion coaster as it's reminiscent of Vortex's inversion record when it opened. Maybe we'll get a 15 inversion coaster? (pipe dream I know) Side note though, would the inversion record be all that expensive to get? It would be a huge draw for the park if they can get a 2nd world record (first being beast's length) The Smiler at Alton Towers cost about $23m to build and Steel Curtain being $20m. We could get 15 for $25m I bet from S&S, or $30m from Mack. Heh, imagine a Mack multi-launch that breaks the inversion record. If any of you have a spare $30m lying around, I bet Cedar Fair would gladly accept a donation and let you build whatever you wanted.
  13. Are you speaking of the glorious ThighCrush?
  14. You know, I might know a guy, I'll ask. And I got the washer cause some of the footers for Firehawk are still there. Asked if I could have it and they said sure.
  15. I have a washer from Firehawk. Would probably be pretty easy to get something small like that from Vortex, a track piece though...quite a bit harder. I'd suggest calling the demolition company and asking what they're doing with it.
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