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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. What an amusing joke lol. KI intentionally cutting hours to employees. When I worked there 3 years ago in a management role, I kept getting scheduled people who don't show up 10+ days in a row if that tells you anything
  2. I actually completely forgot about the existence of SeaWorld San Antonio while I was thinking about this, so I may have to modify my plans a bit as I 1000% want to hit that as well. In terms of doing stuff at the parks, I like some flats but others are meh. For example, I rode one larson loop and didn't really care for it all that much, so I figure the others are the same. I also don't like the Drop Towers all that much. I do want to ride every coaster at the parks though, that is the goal of every park I visit, really increasing that credit count!
  3. Hey all, I'm planning a trip in late april over a weekend and am trying to hit both Fiesta and Over Texas. I'll fly into San Antonio, Visit Fiesta, Either take bus or plane to DFW and visit OT. It's completely doable flight schedules wise and whatnot giving me 2 full days at both parks with how things line up. Before I continue planning and start setting things in stone, are both of these parks 1 day parks, or should I maybe try to separate them out and spend 2 weekends at each park or 4 days later on when they move to weekdays? I plan on getting the platinum elite membership (99% for the merc
  4. The park is also expecting lesser attendance with the continued capacity restrictions and mentality. These times are likely profitable still, but not as much as their core hours they posted this year. It's also interesting to note a lack of midnight closes in the schedule this year as well
  5. Haven't been active on the forum much since early september but I've had a lot going on recently. I did manage to go a lot after that and really tried to focus my rides on Orion. I managed to get 307 rides in with the last ride being Sat Oct 31. I did go to Cedar Point on the 1st, but unfortunately didn't ride any coasters as everything but corkscrew was closed due to the wind lol
  6. Oh sweet, it came a day early. The shipping estimate told me Thursday. Glad to see that it got to you safely though. Appreciate your trust in me as well to have spanned back since September and what was originally going to be until the end of Jan. Anywho, enjoy your piece of Vortex Memorabilia, I think I may be one of if not the only person on this forum who truly knows how excited you are about this.
  7. Idk, y'all think that increases or decreases the value?
  8. So funny thing and I wonder if this happened to anyone else, one of the pieces that I didn't send to my bud had a misprint on the engraving. the year is 1020 instead of 2020 lol
  9. They did cap it at 2 per person, people who bought 4 or more for purposes of reselling would've used friends and family who don't really need to be together to buy it.
  10. I have an order set to come in early Feb. so these that they're selling now probably won't come in until early April at the earliest. (I got mine in the morning on Sunday)
  11. They may not have cut pieces from that track yet to be used for the plaques, that's always what I thought
  12. Anyone else not a fan of the new pass perks? I feel like the way they did it last year was much better as while it might not be stuff I use, it's still related to the park. With this new system it just feels like I'm getting spam email. It it was offers for free things, that'd be one thing, but 25% off, free things after you buy x amount, just doesn't sit right with me really. If I'm getting a % off perk, make it 5% off merch or 20% off a candy apple. I get that some people might appreciate these, but when it's sent to me in an email, it feels like unsolicited advertising. If the park wer
  13. You can't do a second run of a limited edition set, otherwise it wouldn't be limited edition anymore. Plus, I don't think the park physically has enough track to make more. Maybe 10ish more if they have enough scrap, but that's if they're gonna sell more
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