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  1. Maintenance car at the train storage shed too, looks like they're getting it ready to test
  2. I'm supposed to be choosing that in the next few days here, waiting on an email from the park
  3. So he is making it up today. Nice, glad I didn't miss out on a day Wining with DeWine!
  4. That's true. I'm pretty sure I'm getting laid off in about a month or so, so I'd qualify for the full amount of unemployment + the $600. Which is a bit over $1,000 a week in Ohio. I actually just accepted a job as a ride op in the past few days. The way unemployment works is any income you make while receiving unemployment is supposed to reduce your benefits dollar for dollar. So make $250 a week and that benefit reduces to $750, effectively giving you no incentive to work as you'd get paid the same sitting at home as you would working. I literally just took the job to have a fun thing to do a couple days a week and learn more about rollercoaster/ride ops. I won't be receiving any economic benefit, but I'll be getting knowledge about how stuff works, plus the handful of sub-par benefits Cedar Fair gives to associates. There is the side benefit of being less of a burden on the taxpayer, but that's not the real reason I'm doing it. I share this with you all to give some perspective as to why people might not even be looking for jobs right now since the unemployment benefit is immense.
  5. It hasn't happened many times, but I know that Kings Island has reached capacity. It's rare that it happens, but it does. maybe once or twice every couple years. The park WILL turn away guests, or at least make it so they have to wait a little bit before they can enter.
  6. You all might want to give the complaint a read, there's some pretty interesting stuff in there. For one thing, KI is going super hard against the director and Warren County who can supposedly issue their own opening order
  7. It seems the governor has a habit of announcing stuff only a week or two before they can, so it's entirely possible KI already knows and they're waiting to say the park can open a week before it does.
  8. https://governor.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/governor/contact Also, he did say that he would have an announcement on amusement parks this week, so he's now lying since he didn't address them at all
  9. On the plus side, these easing restrictions go into effect next Wednesday June 10th, so that's something to look forward to
  10. https://go.tiffinohio.net/2020/06/gov-mike-dewine-announces-reopening-date-for-movie-theaters-zoos-playgrounds-and-more/ No luck, seems amusement parks were the only thing that wasn't included
  11. I know, it was already bad enough that I could only wine with dewine twice a week, but now just once?! Hopefully he makes it up to us
  12. There's a very high turnover of staff year to year. I'd be willing to bet that any staff that stayed from the previous year would be enough for a skeleton crew, but it would be a terrible guest experience even with reduced capacity. There is a minimum staffing number you need to reach regardless of how many people are in the park. For example, rides kind of have to be staffed, while you might be able to pull one or two people off of a ride and send them home or not have them come, you still need enough to operate it.
  13. Agreed, the park put hiring on a freeze during peak hiring time, so they won't be able to open without all the employees they need unless they want ride closures, reduced restaurant capacity, fewer merch shops, ect. I expect we will see a large ad campaign come out of the park soon for hiring, and maybe 3 weeks to open.
  14. I would have to think that your ride wait time is reset upon exiting the park with the geolocation
  15. Some masks are a lot more breathable than others. The surgical masks for example are much more comfortable than the cloth ones since they're thinner. People would definitely need to take breaks though.
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