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  1. In addition to the things on tap in the restaurant bar, there's also kona big wave, shock top, and shotgun wedding on tap at beach box
  2. It should be operating I believe, they have 2 that shuttle between KI and CC
  3. Having worked there today, a few minor hiccups as to be expected, but should be fine e by next week. You can see fireworks from there and you don't need to stay there for the restaurant/full bar. (Get the pizza)
  4. With a sole reliance on cards, I imagine the park would want to implement measures to prevent this issue from occurring. Sure it may happen, but when it does happen, it's not as long and also not as frequent of an occurrence as it has been.
  5. I was wondering if I might see this in the main park considering Camp Cedar is also cash-less at the moment with one of these debit card machines. The park going completely cashless is probably going to eliminate roughly 30 jobs if I had to guess, or at least increase labor efficiency overall by allowing for all regular park employees to not need to get/return a cash till during their shifts. The jobs I expect to be eliminated by the way are positions such as Revenue Audit, some money room positions, as well as saving about 20mins per merch/food employee shift on dealing with cash tills. I see this decreasing revenue for in park spending, the amount of the decrease being directly correlated to how frequent the debit card machines are disbursed in the park. I could see 2-3 per area being sufficient. I am curious if this means that things such as the vending machines or change machines will still accept cash or if they'll put a block on the bill acceptor/remove the machine. In addition, with admissions/parking since you've technically not had an opportunity to use one of these preloaded debit card machines before you enter the park.
  6. We are in the process of training for our positions right now. Those that are fully trained can help out in the main park if they want to, or just wait until opening if not. Also, didn't think I'd say this, but I work for camp cedar now, very exciting stuff
  7. I worked on Orion last season. In terms of being told what to do with fast passes, it's basically use your best judgement, there was no set guidelines. If there were more than a few in Fast Lane that would fill more than 1/3 of a train, I'd split it up into multiple personally. Whether I took from the regular line first or not just depended on my mood at that moment. Fast Lane usually had single riders, so in the event of that, I'd use them to fill out the train to get as many people as possible. In row selection, if you asked for a row, I'd give it to you (I'd let you know how long the wait would be if it was a little wait, but I never said no) At the end of the day, I personally did whatever I could to fit as many people on a train as possible. I mostly set a limit of 1/3 of a train for FL. If I saw frequent users, I might be a little more inclined to have them wait another train. Overall, the real issue is twofold, the inconsistency from ride ops and the overselling on the part of the park.
  8. What an amusing joke lol. KI intentionally cutting hours to employees. When I worked there 3 years ago in a management role, I kept getting scheduled people who don't show up 10+ days in a row if that tells you anything
  9. I actually completely forgot about the existence of SeaWorld San Antonio while I was thinking about this, so I may have to modify my plans a bit as I 1000% want to hit that as well. In terms of doing stuff at the parks, I like some flats but others are meh. For example, I rode one larson loop and didn't really care for it all that much, so I figure the others are the same. I also don't like the Drop Towers all that much. I do want to ride every coaster at the parks though, that is the goal of every park I visit, really increasing that credit count!
  10. Hey all, I'm planning a trip in late april over a weekend and am trying to hit both Fiesta and Over Texas. I'll fly into San Antonio, Visit Fiesta, Either take bus or plane to DFW and visit OT. It's completely doable flight schedules wise and whatnot giving me 2 full days at both parks with how things line up. Before I continue planning and start setting things in stone, are both of these parks 1 day parks, or should I maybe try to separate them out and spend 2 weekends at each park or 4 days later on when they move to weekdays? I plan on getting the platinum elite membership (99% for the merch discount), and have no qualms with getting a flash pass because of the free upgrade. Also, would it be best to buy the platinum elite membership now, or is that a permanent sale kinda thing? I hope to go to a few more six flags parks this summer as well as other Cedar Fair parks. Plus some independent ones like Dollywood or Kennywood and ofc HW/KK Also, since we are on the subject, what are your other takes on how many days you should spend at a park? 1 day to get a feel for it, or 2-3 days to really soak up the experience? Would be helpful for my future trip planning as well as others. I'll start Kentucky Kingdom: I actually left halfway through the day as the longest line was for Thunder Run, I didn't do any waterpark activities, but I'd say it's a solid 1, maybe 2 day park with waterpark. I got more rides than I could count on Storm Chaser and Kentucky Flyer, Lightning Run had a pretty good line though. Go when they open to avoid lines. Holiday World: Went with Holiwood kNights so that may skew things, but basically the same as above. 1 full day for dry and maybe another for waterpark. CP: Minimum 3 days, I still find stuff to do I've never done before. Even with a Fast Lane, the rides are extremely rerideable
  11. The park is also expecting lesser attendance with the continued capacity restrictions and mentality. These times are likely profitable still, but not as much as their core hours they posted this year. It's also interesting to note a lack of midnight closes in the schedule this year as well
  12. Haven't been active on the forum much since early september but I've had a lot going on recently. I did manage to go a lot after that and really tried to focus my rides on Orion. I managed to get 307 rides in with the last ride being Sat Oct 31. I did go to Cedar Point on the 1st, but unfortunately didn't ride any coasters as everything but corkscrew was closed due to the wind lol
  13. Oh sweet, it came a day early. The shipping estimate told me Thursday. Glad to see that it got to you safely though. Appreciate your trust in me as well to have spanned back since September and what was originally going to be until the end of Jan. Anywho, enjoy your piece of Vortex Memorabilia, I think I may be one of if not the only person on this forum who truly knows how excited you are about this.
  14. Idk, y'all think that increases or decreases the value?
  15. So funny thing and I wonder if this happened to anyone else, one of the pieces that I didn't send to my bud had a misprint on the engraving. the year is 1020 instead of 2020 lol
  16. They did cap it at 2 per person, people who bought 4 or more for purposes of reselling would've used friends and family who don't really need to be together to buy it.
  17. I have an order set to come in early Feb. so these that they're selling now probably won't come in until early April at the earliest. (I got mine in the morning on Sunday)
  18. They may not have cut pieces from that track yet to be used for the plaques, that's always what I thought
  19. Anyone else not a fan of the new pass perks? I feel like the way they did it last year was much better as while it might not be stuff I use, it's still related to the park. With this new system it just feels like I'm getting spam email. It it was offers for free things, that'd be one thing, but 25% off, free things after you buy x amount, just doesn't sit right with me really. If I'm getting a % off perk, make it 5% off merch or 20% off a candy apple. I get that some people might appreciate these, but when it's sent to me in an email, it feels like unsolicited advertising. If the park were actually getting money from these *ads* then it would be unsolicited advertising, which they might very well be doing. I'm also not saying that I think that the idea is a bad one entirely, just poor execution. I feel a better way to do this would be launch a website with "exclusive limited time offers" to passholders, and then send out an email once a month/quarter to tell people what's new with the park and offers. That way people get to take advantage of the offers if they want, not needlessly spam people who might not want it, and give the park another reason to add to the list of why people should get/renew their pass. What are your thoughts?
  20. You can't do a second run of a limited edition set, otherwise it wouldn't be limited edition anymore. Plus, I don't think the park physically has enough track to make more. Maybe 10ish more if they have enough scrap, but that's if they're gonna sell more
  21. No chance, they advertised the item as limited edition, and that these would be the only ones that were ever made. If they released another run, then they'd have some problems on their hands.
  22. Yep, you're good. I already paid for it, just gotta play the waiting game for a few months.
  23. Yeah, what's also another big coincidence is I actually know the guy who runs the account. We both got our names from a similar source. He essentially sells things on eBay as a way of helping pay for college. I don't blame him at all, because the park could've either made more, or the cost of college could be much lower. Someone was always going to scalp pieces, it's human nature, I'm just glad the profits are going to a good cause.
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