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  1. I'm interested on how they might be able to prevent people from congregating at the front of the ride for when their time slot approaches. I bet people would come as early as 15-20mins in order to see if they can't get in a little early to try and ride some more. Or even people not wanting to venture far from the ride for one reason or another.
  2. I like the zoos that will be able to reopen. I think I can hold my excitement about Kings Island for a while if I'm allowed to go to a see Fiona/Lucille. Also, I'm being approached by Kings Island HR recruiting, so it sounds like they're starting to recruit en-masse again. Likely starting from people inside their database, and going to open that up to the public once the reopening date is announced.
  3. They could always be doing weekends only after about a month of daily ops. Gotta remember Carrowinds is further south, so it has a longer operating calendar.
  4. Last time I was in the back of Street Funnel in 2017, there was a framed version of the original 1972 map. I think it was a special edition one made just for the park. Likely 4ftx4ft if I had to guess, or somewhere along that size.
  5. Can confirm, nothing new there, just adding the existing seating to the map.
  6. The order doesn't really mean a whole lot. They extended the stay at home order until today back in May 1st, and look how many times it's been edited. This new order is just because the current one expires midnight tonight I believe.
  7. Probably the 2021 addition, announce the campground. It's already planned, brings in a profit after initial expenditure, and has relatively low overhead and construction costs. Perfect for this time.
  8. Way too much headbanging for me, it hurts my ears so much.
  9. Didn't paramount used to have you pull your own seatbelt? I seem to remember that being the case
  10. I really doubt it would be that expensive to have a raspberry pi sensor that detects when the ride is running and what part of the cycle it's in since Drop Tower's is fixed. Then that just can go over the park's private wifi to FoF to another raspberry pi sensor. Even installing 3 of them for a failsafe wouldn't cost more than $100
  11. Probably at least insurance reasons and company policy if not state legislation also.
  12. It shouldn't be that big of an issue, they could just sanitize, and bring in other employees who are crossed trained on the ride.
  13. "As far as amusement parks, zoos, ect. We will have info on that next week. So we will be back in touch with everyone next week" I'm glad we finally have a timeframe to expect an announcement instead of continuing to guess on when that might happen.
  14. It does not, fairs are it's own separate advisory group.
  15. Racer is one of the two rollercoasters (Invertigo is the other) that I refuse to ride at the park. Retracking and maybe replacing the trains would go a long way to making me want to ride it again.
  16. They could just have a button in FoF's station that lights up when it's safe to launch. That's what I would do.
  17. I made a script for a 1st video on a new YT channel I was thinking of making. Haven't decided if I actually wanted to take the time to edit it and record the audio. We shall see. It's a vid that goes over the major capital improvements the park might see in the next decade or so and the finances that go behind the decision for the park to do such a thing.
  18. Maybe Schlitterbahn is going to be used as Cedar Fair's testing grounds. Things like rolling out the limited capacity software and whatnot
  19. Lol I posted that article in the last page. Some really interesting stuff in there!
  20. According to this article, the Travel & Tourism Advisory Group submitted guidelines to the governor 2 weeks ago. So now we know that the whole "it's being worked out in groups" thing is nothing more than him hiding behind the curtain so to speak. I'm not saying I don't disagree with his decision, but I would like a lot more transparency when it came to these matters. He is essentially lying to the public by saying that the advisory groups are still working when in fact, they've submitted their plan 2 weeks ago. With the addition of businesses in that sector already announcing tentative opening dates for June 15th and 30th in some cases, I feel like he's gonna be backed into a corner sooner or later. It's also an interesting read, because the article specifically goes into detail about what restrictions we might expect. Things like one way entry and exits, off limits areas, among other things. https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/05/ohio-tourism-industry-losing-patience-with-gov-mike-dewine-lack-of-timetable-for-reopening-zoos-museums-amusement-parks.html I think that a date of June 14th or around there would be good to announce. It would be in line with Indiana and would prevent Holiday world and places like that from getting practically overrun even with capacity requirements. EDIT: I think that this is why we've been seeing a lot more testing on rides recently. They've submitted their plan, so they're probably working to implement it on the assumption that it's going to be put in place.
  21. From what I remember hearing, 4 train beast actually lowered capacity since the trains would stop at the top of the lifts while waiting for the next block to clear. To be honest, I kinda want to work for KI again as a ride operator this time, but I would take a sizeable pay cut. Decisions decisions lol
  22. One reason they might be testing is the same reason some airlines are flying empty planes right now. If you run the rides a couple times every few days, you don't need to get them reinspected. Plus it probably keeps the supervisors fresh for when they need to train associates. In addition to that, Cedar Fair is apart of the Ohio Travel & Tourism group, so they might just be testing out different methods on how they want their rides to operate.
  23. You'd also be surprised at the number of times I was working coney skyline where guests paid for their food, but just didn't show up to collect it. Literally ordered from me in person. Happened about 3-4 times a day.
  24. I know in my heart that you're right, but I can always dream lol. Either way, a trip to Holiday World for me is looking quite a bit more likely in mid July if the park doesn't open by then. I have 3 finals and a midterm right around July 4th, so I couldn't go to the park even if it did open then.
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