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  1. Yeah, what's also another big coincidence is I actually know the guy who runs the account. We both got our names from a similar source. He essentially sells things on eBay as a way of helping pay for college. I don't blame him at all, because the park could've either made more, or the cost of college could be much lower. Someone was always going to scalp pieces, it's human nature, I'm just glad the profits are going to a good cause.
  2. I figure I'd help the fella out since he's been wanting it or something like it for so long
  3. @DonHelbigHow many pieces were sold? I heard somewhere around 350-400, but some confirmation on that would be appreciated, as I'd like to see how rare the pieces I purchased are.
  4. I'd just like to point out something I've discovered today. If you want to get the most amount of night rides possible, go on Nov 1st. Daylight savings is on Nov 1st which means it's going to get darker an hour earlier on that one day. Sunset at 5:24pm with twilight ending 5:53pm. That gives almost 2 whole hours of night rides! or 2.5 if you use sunset.
  5. Yeah, Fast Lane is actually a little congested at the moment, especially at Orion (to the bottom of the stairs when I'm in it). They might open it up more when the rides can have more capacity though.
  6. protip - If you win one of these passes, you can walk up the exit and get on the next train
  7. Do the double loading stations run 4 trains, or just 3?
  8. Dive under Diamondback's splashdown? doubt it would ever happen, but it would be pretty cool.
  9. The food truck event did pretty well, but it had an unintended consequence of reducing spending at other food stands. The same thing likely happened with the Brewfest as I remember the days being busy attendance wise, but not so much in the food stands. The park does bring in extra trucks for beer pouring on pride night, so that's one thing that stays consistent year to year. Pride night has the most alcohol sales of any other day by quite a significant amount.
  10. Oh I remember this, made the park a boatload of money if I remember right. Wonder why they didn't do it again
  11. Sort of, it definately takes away from that part of the ride. Only lasts for 10-15 seconds, but still, that's 10-15 seconds where it breaks the immersion. I kinda wish they didn't light up the turnaround. Side note: I think it would be really cool if Orion had straight track that goes opposite of The Beast's in parallel with a light on the front of the train, so they could have a neat interaction every now and then.
  12. Samsung, Disney, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, all massive companies that do many different things. Samsung has a division that manufactures tanks and other ordinance for example. I know that these aren't amusement manufacturers, but they're examples of companies having high quality products while also being very diversified. It's not to say that being very spread out isn't a risky endeavor, otherwise many would be doing it. But it's absolutely possible. Samsung accounts for 13-20% of ALL of South Korea's GDP btw. (I just find that statistic humorous, thought I'd share)
  13. Yeah, that's the employees wanting to go home. It's a bad business decision, but it's like any other restaurant/store, you come 1 minute late, you don't get whatever you came for.
  14. I forget which coaster it was, but I remember reading there was one that was so maintenance heavy, that they had to replace the urethane wheels daily, sometimes even during the day. I'm not saying every coaster is like that, but I feel like 1-2 weeks on each set of wheels is a pretty good estimate. They generally have the wheel replacements scheduled since when they get the wheels, they have to cure for a while in the maintenance shop before they can be put on the trains. Orion doesn't bump you around, but it does have a slight rattle if you're looking for it. It's not a problem now, but people are talking about it because we're worried it might become what Banshee has now, which is a rough, somewhat unenjoyable ride. We would rather have a ride that can be more enjoyable for 2 reasons. The first is that it gives a better experience for us riders, but the second is that it gives the general public more of a reason to come to the park. This means more $$$ for Kings Island which means we would get more big investments faster. On a side note, if Banshee keeps deteriorating at the rate it currently is, I'm very interested to see what the park will do to fix it. I rode it today, and I overheard some GP in the row behind me talking to each other out loud like it feels like they got a concussion. I honestly probably won't ride Banshee much more myself, because I unfortunately shared their thoughts. I would much prefer if it was rough like Beast, but it unfortunately isn't.
  15. Probably, I bet the park is pretty pleased with attendance today, and thus, their decision to both extend operating hours and cut Wednesdays and Thursdays. If this keeps up, then I think that they might be willing to rescind their cancellation of winterfest and make it weekends only. Make sure to keep visiting the park to keep attendance numbers up. Maybe buy a beer or an ice cream while you're there.
  16. The ride is closed, but you can still get in line, at least at Orion you can. Maybe beast is cutting off a little earlier, but they're both open much later than before Edit: can confirm, they just let people in at 9:59pm for Orion
  17. Park reverted to their old policy of closing line at 10 for beast and Orion. Both rides are still down for fireworks, but will reopen after to finish out their lines.
  18. Due to the table service nature of brewhouse, this would likely be last to get added. Do all the similar ordering restaurants first and then do a few more of the niche things.
  19. Jukebox was the first to get the order kiosks, would make sense that they're next for mobile ordering.
  20. Rows 5 and 14 are still open on beast
  21. I'd like to think that about half a percent from the increase of in park spending is due to me lol.
  22. Same here, I spent a lot of late nights in food walking past it. Music was off, but that darn duck thing was still on.
  23. You forgot to take into account the shipping costs of the trains since they aren't made locally. Also, the virus might be a good thing for the park in terms of development since the TREX model might get more fleshed out by the time the park looks to build a new coaster. I doubt KI would build a raptor anyways since the capacity wouldn't be what the park is looking for, a ground up RMC like lightning rod or a TREX would be more in line with that they're looking for. I think it's really a toss up right now at which Ohio park CF wants to make the new thrill park of the midwest. CP might be running out of space, so that could be an issue for them. If they have the space, then KI would likely turn more into a family thrills park, which makes the addition of a MACK multilaunch a lot more likely. A coaster like time traveler also has a lot of promise. Due to the way the land is laid out, the park could do a lot of things to make it the tallest, longest, ect. That would provide a lot of enticement to come to the park without building something that's too big that might turn some away.
  24. Can't speak for yesterday, but on the 4th we cut the line off early in order to cycle everyone off by 945. I'd expect this trend to continue honestly since KI might not want to pay the additional labor to essentially have employees sit and watch the fireworks.
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