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  1. The strongest open one at the very least, CP can't really compete while a third of their rides and half of the shops are closed.
  2. You forgot the 100% german bungee ball
  3. It's interesting to see that the park is still going through with this. The menu is likely limited because it's in testing. I imagine the main reason that the park is doing this is to eliminate a cashier position. Likely cutting it down to 1 person physically on register, but in a few years, removing the need completely with self serve kiosks and mobile ordering. Lots of bugs in both systems still I imagine, but a good start by the park in reducing the number of employees needed, this probably won't lead to job losses as food stands are usually understaffed anyways, so you guys will just see a more efficient food service in general.
  4. I really kinda wish Orion featured a super massive zero g roll instead of the wave turn, or at least put an inversion somewhere. I actually am starting to get slightly bored with the coaster now that I've ridden it a bunch, just lost it's luster to me I guess.
  5. That's what the yellow is, they sodded the ground for grass to grow. You'll green there in a few months
  6. Fairly certain B&M has a US train manufacturing shop. Would make sense since they do so much work here. They manufacture the track at Clermont Steel after all.
  7. I feel like it has to be the ground or how the footers were installed. It's not like B&M changes their track every time it goes in at a park, the only real factor that changes is the ground and footers.
  8. Not like the park will have to dig everything up and replace it with reinforced earth. Just gotta make the footers bigger/deeper. They likely will want to avoid a repeat of Banshee's rattle when the next one comes along, so I think we can expect future coasters to have a stronger base. Maybe a manufacturer will come up with a new innovation that significantly reduces rattling by modifying the trains or track somehow. Could a more flexible, but durable track work perhaps?
  9. I'm thinking they might do something like phantoms revenge or incredible hulk with using the track piece as theming for the upcoming coaster that might fill that spot. If that's the case, then we're most likely going to see some sort of multi-inversion coaster as it's reminiscent of Vortex's inversion record when it opened. Maybe we'll get a 15 inversion coaster? (pipe dream I know) Side note though, would the inversion record be all that expensive to get? It would be a huge draw for the park if they can get a 2nd world record (first being beast's length) The Smiler at Alton Towers cost about $23m to build and Steel Curtain being $20m. We could get 15 for $25m I bet from S&S, or $30m from Mack. Heh, imagine a Mack multi-launch that breaks the inversion record. If any of you have a spare $30m lying around, I bet Cedar Fair would gladly accept a donation and let you build whatever you wanted.
  10. Are you speaking of the glorious ThighCrush?
  11. You know, I might know a guy, I'll ask. And I got the washer cause some of the footers for Firehawk are still there. Asked if I could have it and they said sure.
  12. I have a washer from Firehawk. Would probably be pretty easy to get something small like that from Vortex, a track piece though...quite a bit harder. I'd suggest calling the demolition company and asking what they're doing with it.
  13. Not that good tbh. The bun is the same flavor and texture as their toast, so that's good. The sandwich would be good, but there's no sauce, and the pickles are sweet. I've never understood KIs logic for using sweet instead of dill pickles
  14. It's more like they don't have a tall coaster there because tall coasters cost a lot of money to build, and Kentucky Kingdom is a smaller park that gets less money. If you think that is cool though, modern coaster design is essentially nothing but math. Engineers need to find out exactly how long something has to be or how short in order to get the effect they want, it's all a bunch of formulas. For example, if they messed up and made the airtime hills on Diamondback too tall, then you wouldn't get any of that floater sensation that most people love about the coaster, it would be less thrilling overall. By the same token, if you made the Orion helix too tight, then you would give riders a bunch of positive gravity which would cause all of them to black out due to extreme forces. Because of this, engineers use math in order to make all the rides we know and love today.
  15. In that case, I could see them retracking and reprofiling enough to remove at least a few trims. Maybe add a dip in the straight track section to give that part a bit more character. I feel like they're going to do SOMETHING for it's 50th anniversary, that could be what I mentioned earlier, or a refurbishment with some reprofiling to reduce stress on the track and make it cheaper to maintain. They've reprofiled it quite a bit in the past already, so it's not out of the question to see some more work done to it.
  16. Heh, that's not how it works now. I've spent $3k on merch from KI/CP in 2020 and haven't seen anything yet
  17. What do you mean by points? I'm assuming you get a point per visit and that determines the loyalty perks? Also, has anyone gotten any this year? I haven't seen any emails about them
  18. I rode a non wheel seat (currently only rows 5 and 14) last week, and I've put Beast much higher in my favorites since I've done that. Beast has now returned to my #4 Kings Island spot, and I've been marathoning it recently. So long as I sit in non wheel seats, and brace a little bit for the start of the helix, the ride is great fun! Now I do wish GCI would come in or RMC with their topper track and do a redo of it while keeping the essence of it the same. I feel that they could do a great job not going too crazy, but also providing a much better ride experience. Or heck, maybe just get the park to reprofile some stuff themselves to take the trims out.
  19. Keep in mind I don't work for the park anymore, but I would have to say capacity. Tbh, it's hit or miss if you get social distancing on other rides because the ride attendants can't make you move once you're past the exit, so people sometimes stop. Doing it this way takes away about 10-15 seconds that would otherwise be spent dismissing row by row and it means the crew can probably dispatch another 4-5 trains per hour.
  20. Appreciate that, I might not work there anymore, but I think the most we did when I was there was 45 trains. We have it better off though since we let everyone off at the same time, and not row by row.
  21. Fastest dispatch I have seen was 28 seconds. Last I went, dispatches were pretty close to 2 trains being in motion at all times if not all 3.
  22. I assume it's to allow for a steeper drop, you're already tilted more going into the drop, and it likely allows for more airtime.
  23. On a side note, why does it seem that B&M is the only manufacturer that features a rattle? There's plenty of other older coasters that are just fine. Could it be that B&Ms supports aren't as good as they could be?
  24. After a few more rides, I think I can give a much better opinion. The first drop is great, nobody is arguing about that, the turn into the break run is good too. I also like the wave turn and find I get floater for the most part. Aside from that, I think it's trying to do a lot of things without a whole lot of track to do them in. I believe if it truly had an extra thousand feet of track or so, then it could do some of these elements a lot better. Add another speed hill or two and turn the wave turn into a massive zero g roll. (also make it 14ft higher, but that doesn't really make much of a difference) I'm kind of going back and forth on if I like Diamondback or Orion better. On one hand, Diamondback is a spectacular hyper providing lots of floater air, but it has a fairly bad rattle at points. Plus, Diamondback turns into a water ride if you're sitting in the back row and try to touch the water in the splashdown like I did today lol. (my whole left side was soaked). On the other hand, Orion provides a pretty similar experience to Orion with the long graceful transitions, and a good amount of airtime included. Orion hasn't had time to let it's grass grow in yet, but even without it, I think Orion is the superior ride because of it's lack of a rattle. We also haven't experienced Orion with a full train yet, so that's likely to make it better. If Diamondback didn't have it's rattle though, I think this would be a much closer comparison. I think a good way to put it is that Orion is a more technologically advanced ride. The lift is faster, the chain dogs don't make contact with the anti-roll backs allowing for a silent lift almost, the ride itself is quieter due to B&M learning how to deafen their track, and the area gives off a sense of advancement due to the theming. So I suppose you could call it Diamondback 2.0 if you'd like. It's a pretty similar experience, but B&M worked on the hyper model some more to deliver what we have today.
  25. That's actually a position this year, I can't speak for other rides, but on Orion, we designated one or two employees to be "Queue Cleaners" This basically means they go through the line wiping rails and ensuring mask compliance.
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