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  1. Not anymore, I received a better offer from a company aligned with my ultimate career path, so I left to pursue that opportunity.
  2. I already wear my mask in all public places and have been doing so since late March, so this really doesn't affect us. My white neck gaiter also has the benefit of keeping my neck cool and keeping the sun off of it. Less risk for a sunburn is always a plus!
  3. Hopefully he doesn't shut down the parks, my family and I are going to be at CP from Thurs-Sat, would be a shame if that were to be cancelled
  4. Too bad RPW was closed on Sunday when I went
  5. The pockets no longer exist, and they metal detect you before you get in line. I was a bit annoyed by the lockers at first, but I came to like them tbh. For $8, I can move it around the park and not have to worry about stuff coming out of my pockets, which allows me to enjoy the coaster more. Granted, I'm probably in the minority, since with Fast Lane, I don't have to spend as much time waiting in line where a phone would come in handy, but I enjoyed the locker system. $8 is slightly too high though, and I would be much more comfortable spending $5, or like $25-30 for the season.
  6. You and everyone else lol. Either that or an intamin blitz
  7. I've ridden it 9 times or so now and never once greyed out, or even started to. If you put your hands up, you can notice the feeling of blood rushing into your hands after the sideways airtime hill, but that's about it lol
  8. New this season, Afterburner fries. Deep fried jalapenos drizzled with a sauce heavily laden with California Reaper extract. It's sure to blow you out of this world one way or another!
  9. White neck gaiter is 100% the best
  10. I remember hearing about 4-5 days ago before I left the park that an associate from WWC potentially had covid, from this article, sounds like either they tested positive, or it was someone else. From what I know, the park had all of the associates they came in contact with self quarantine, so practically all of WWC is self quarantining now. I could be mistaken though, so don't take this as fact.
  11. I was actually getting some pretty strong ejector on DB when I rode it a few times front row today. Plus, super smooth, you can definitely notice a difference between back row and front row. Plus it was an inside seat too which helps more.
  12. Appreciate the info, as soon as I told my dad, he immediately bought the season long FL lol
  13. Yeah, at Orion at least, we have 1+ people designated as queue cleaners whose entire job for that rotation is to go out and well...clean the queues. In terms of being able to hear employees, I'd just give that a few weeks. A lot of new employees tend to talk quieter, so that problem is amplified by the sound barriers. They'll learn to speak up more soon.
  14. Well, unless your cat is 54" tall, then they wouldn't be allowed to ride. That does provide an interesting thought experiment for something like a great dane...hmm...
  15. Yeah, that's still line jumping. You can't hold the place in line for someone else. Now leaving to go to the restroom or get water is understandable in a potentially 4 hour line on 90+ days. But holding the place for someone who didn't wait the duration is a no-no
  16. If you and another group would approach one of us, we can have the jumper removed from the queue. Need a second witness if an associate didn't spot it.
  17. We closed it early so we could cycle people off for the fireworks at 9:45. The launching pad is very close to the turnaround. Since there aren't fireworks right now, should just be a 1 time thing
  18. If anyone was curious btw, Orion max capacity is 55 trains/hour. We averaged about 30 today, but it felt like more when I was working, so the morning might've been a little slower. Overall, we didn't stack much, really just with cleaning or special circumstances from what I saw
  19. No, all seats are the same
  20. A Beast retracking might make it my favorite ride. I've never ridden it back row and I don't really intend to, but I'd rethink that with a retracking. Would be kind of interesting too if they made it 20 car millennium fliers.
  21. Best - Day: Orion, Night: Beast. Night ride might change to Orion tomorrow if they let us ride it at the end of the night. Worst - Racer, it's unbearably rough, one of 2 rides I won't ride at KI. I slightly wonder what a dueling RMC conversion would be like, especially if they beef up the height.
  22. Rode it for the second time tonight. The coaster was warmed up and I sat in the back row vs the front row. Totally better in the back, the turnaround isn't as intense, but the rest of the ride definitely makes up for it. I actually got really nice floater on the sideways hill, and the other sideways hill before the brake run was sideways ejector. 100% back row ride and 100% my favorite coaster at the park. Trims didn't hit really at all when I rode it, so I guess I'm 0/2 on hard trims. I also rode FoF today and it looks like they gave the indoor queue area some TLC, could just be my imagination though.
  23. No clue, the screen in the back of the station is supposed to let us know which seats are locked, but it's not the most reliable. It goes off a different computer than the ride computer, so you're still completely safe, it's just a bit inaccurate at times lol
  24. They told us 3 clicks at our training, so the first one is probably silent.
  25. It's 3 clicks, but the lapbar starts clicking a little higher up than usual. There's a test seat out front to check. You should be able to fit on Orion if you fit on Diamondback.
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