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  1. Oh cool, maybe I'll be able to get a ride in when I swing by.
  2. I'm thinking of coming by the park around 5, do you all think the line for Orion will have dissipated some by then?
  3. A couple updates are fine, but it's feeling a little spammy.
  4. That sounds like about what it should be. From my experience, Orion can be a little touchy, so just some hiccups that will be smoothed over as the day goes on.
  5. I'm curious, is Orion running 3 train ops today? Or is it just 2?
  6. It's only the first day, the friends and family days were a lot better because the people actually respected policies for the most part. Give the park a little to figure out enforcement since this is only the first day
  7. I'll try to get as early as I can to make sure the lines for rides are shorter. Gotta get as much of a marathon on SteVe and Maverick as I can!
  8. I kinda wonder what Cedar Point is going to be like. I have a reservation for 30mins after the earliest reservation, but due to how long I'll have to spend driving to get there, I'll likely show up in the first wave.
  9. Oh ok, so they opened the gate to soak up some traffic, gotcha. Still though, It might reach to the dropoff point by 1030
  10. Slightly tempted to drive up to KI at 10:15 to see how long the car line is
  11. I'm looking forward to helping you all experience it myself. That being said, here's my analysis from last week. Sideways airtime hill is fairly weak, but is probably good with a full train. The turnaround provides a lot more intensity than you would think. You get a bit of ejector on the speed hill, and flojector on the airtime hill. The helix is probably the biggest underdog of the ride, was fast, and provided a lot of good forces. The last 2 hills are nothing to scoff at either as they provide some quick floater to finish the ride. I was smiling hands up throughout the ride, and I do think that this is now my #1 at KI. Also, I was riding front row, and the air blowing past you was pretty loud, that stayed pretty consistent until the helix, which shows the ride keeps it's speed for a lot of it. The lift is really quick too, but it's long, so it takes a good 30sec to climb. Some great views of the park and the surrounding area though, so you won't want to miss it on the way up the lift. As with all B&Ms, the transitions were graceful, no rapid changes.
  12. This is what I meant when I said this is my favorite Easter egg. Almost stokes the fire of the people who call this a tall hyper lol. They could've easily named it MF-2000 but they chose not to lol
  13. I think I'm the only person on this forum to have ridden it before today. Besides the higher ups who don't talk much. Restraints are the same clamshell type found on Diamondback, taking 3 clicks at minimum to lock. If you can fit on DB, you'll fit on Orion.
  14. That's probably just the theming, I wouldn't put too much stock in that.
  15. Orion is #1 at KI in my opinion. It's not that often a coaster blows me away anymore
  16. There's a pretty clear shot of the turnaround from the area I'm talking about, no trees to block the view.
  17. You only see the turnaround for a couple seconds right as you're entering the straight track. After that, it's regular ol' beast
  18. They were only running 2 trains today on most things (Orion wasn't open both to keep things leak free and for the first rider event). Likely just for capacity since the covid measures add a little bit of time to loading and unloading. Beast was running all 3 though. I don't have any knowledge of what the park is planning on doing, nor do I think I could say if I knew. I can only comment on what I saw happening at the park today.
  19. Diamondback, mystic, and beast are row skipping, That photo you saw earlier is a good example of how its gonna work for Orion
  20. Check the FAQ of the dining plan, that should list the options
  21. The rattle was kinda bad today. It doesn't feel super uncomfortable, but it does give you a headache if you ride it a few times.
  22. I'm scheduled until midnight on Saturday, you should be good to get in line until 10pm or whenever the park closes. They're expecting to spend a few hours feeding guests through the line after close. The trains won't have skipped rows as far as I know, but it is half capacity, It's actually quite the good solution IMO. The way the park is doing it on Orion allows for single riders to fairly easily fit on the train without messing things up. Restraints come up on each row regardless, so they need to be checked each time even if nobody is in the seat.
  23. The extra layers are more of a filter for the virus, by removing more layers, you're making it easier to expel droplets into the air. Think of it as putting 2 wire meshes on top of each other slightly offset, it's a lot better at filtering things out than just 1 would be
  24. Probably just a reference to the year
  25. That's true, there are quite a lot of easter eggs sprinkled into the area. My favorite one would have to be the barrel lol. You'll see what I mean
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