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  1. If anything, the park might be wanting to install something similar to fill the void. A launched B&M wing might be an option. Different enough from GateKeeper and gives the park another launched coaster.
  2. The park just loosened their mask policy on employees to include neck gaiters and other masks of a solid color, so you should be good.
  3. If anything, they stay on your face better since the wind pushes them against your face
  4. It literally drowns out a lot of stuff in the station. Only kicks in when the train is fully on the ascent and when the train ahead clears the first block in the brake run. So pretty much all the time lol. The lift is actually pretty quiet when it's on the slower speed. Only takes about 40 seconds to get to the top of the lift at full speed from when the train starts moving, so it's a pretty good timer lol
  5. Yeah, they are really quiet, pretty similar to Banshee's. The lift hill motor is extremely loud though when it's at full speed.
  6. I will be doing a rain dance just enough to cool off the day. I already know I'm gonna be super busy this season, but it'd be nice if it was a good temperature
  7. Orion will not allow any loose articles in line or on the ride. As far as I know, things that fit in your pockets are fine, but they can't be sticking out of the pockets and need to be secure. There's lockers right next to the ride, so be sure to stow all your bags and whatnot there, or leave them with a non rider. Like Banshee, there's no bins in the station for those sorts of things.
  8. Imo Steel Vengeance is better. I'd rank Orion as my #3 after Maverick. SV is the best by a lot, but Orion and Maverick are pretty close.
  9. That train was sent empty, so yes, no dummies
  10. For all of you waiting for an official POV, I'd actually recommend not watching when it comes out, and dont watch the animated one. Last time I watched it was in mid April and I feel like the ride experience would be a lot better if it wasn't the freshest thing in your mind.
  11. Well I've only ridden Millenium, and it's been a while, so I'm not sure which one I'd rank higher. Maybe Millenium because the view is better. I also only got a front row ride on Orion, and I heard the back was more intense (like it always is) but the front gives you a great view of the drop. KI nailed it though, and you should ride it this season!
  12. It's quite the ride, I'll say that much lol
  13. I said this earlier, but the coaster's lift hill looks pretty intimidating since there's a lot of flat ground around it. Area 72 itself got a lot of new theming and they changed a decent amount of stuff back there. Everything has a pretty up in your face feel while also being somewhat distant if that makes any sense. I last saw it when they were putting the final touches on it, but from what it looks like, it looks really cool.
  14. Since the cat is out of the bag, they are there, but it's apart of the regular meteor canteen building, which is somewhat small imo. Given the popularity that they'll likely be, it's probably better to go to the ones by hanks
  15. Well, lets say I had the choice to sit in literally any seat on the train, what would you pick?
  16. Interesting take on how the back row may be the best row. I might have to rethink my front row choice for when I ride it. Hopefully I should have the opportunity to experience every row soon. Any suggestions on which seat to pick for my first ride?
  17. From what I heard, we are having 6 people check restraints. That could very well change though, and I do expect it to
  18. It was pretty straightforward and easy to use when I registered my family. Only gripe is that I'd like a confirmation of the pass number on the final page to make sure I did it right.
  19. Should work the same as any other ride, just make sure to stop by guest services prior to getting in line.
  20. A lot of the old outside queue area for fof was rerouted elsewhere, and in its place is a much larger locker area. No word on the reservation system from the park though
  21. That's on the conservative end, and that's only with 2 booths staffed since 2 employees can service 6 booths. In reality, it should feel lighter than a normal morning at the park
  22. 1700 attendees is likely only 800 cars or less, with each toll booth being able to handle roughly 2-3 cars per minute on average(my guess), that's about 1000 an hour with just 6 booths open and 2 attendants. The park will likely have more, so there shouldn't be a bottleneck. It might take 5-10 minutes for everyone to get through, but it should be pretty smooth after that. Plus, the average is probably much higher since it's only going to be passholders and you can't buy parking at the gate
  23. Yes, probably not on opening day, but I'll likely be working it starting the 4th. I cannot say anything about the specific operation of the ride. All I know is that the park plans on opening the ride with the park on opening day. Any other details are subject to speculation. Edit: Me not working on opening day is for personal reasons, don't read anything into that lol
  24. So long as there aren't mechanical issues or something else preventing the ride from operating, it'll be operating
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