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  1. 3 of those employees are area supervisors, and some might be trainers. WoF didnt exactly have as much time to train employees compared to KI or CP
  2. Plus, in addition to this, it prevents people from going to rows that may not be available since it would change from train to train. It may lower capacity a little, but might actually boost capacity in terms of spending less times to get guests to move back a row
  3. It does not, but I doubt that it would be later than noon. Maybe at midnight lol
  4. As it currently stands, so long as there is open reservations, you essentially get a coupon to pick any day to come between the 2nd and the 11th if you want to think of it like that. After the 11th, the regular reservation system goes into place
  5. Interesting that you can only use 1 reservation during the first week and a half of preview. I wonder if the park is going to be absolutely dead on the 10th because everyone used their 1 reservation already
  6. Hey, from your earlier post, I would like to wear a neck gaiter or even surgical mask, but the park made their blue masks as apart of our uniform. They're kinda terrible cloth masks tbh, and we can't bring our own
  7. That would be nice, especially since the park issued masks aren't the easiest to breathe in. Nothing has been announced to us as of yet, but they say we'll know more once our on ride training dates begin. Of course, I might not be able to say anything to you even if they do tell us aside from we know the specifics of the covid policy lol. There is a fairly comprehensive covid training though.
  8. Yes, please be respectful to me, and all the other workers here. We just work there, and if you have complaints about park policies, I'd direct you to guest services to file an official complaint.
  9. A lot of it tastes good, and some people like the effect it has on their body. You'll understand when you get older and try some
  10. For a lot of ride stops on the lift hill, it can be as mundane as someone having to go up and take someone's phone because they refused to put it away. No sense in issuing a press release for that
  11. Capacity on coasters is also being reduced, which the park has said should make things feel normal in terms of lines and whatnot
  12. I can't see the park doing it much later than Monday, the first day or two would be booked up sure, but once you start getting into weekdays, things may be less populous.
  13. Probably keep some in a flask or vodka in a clear water bottle. I wonder what it would be like to ride a coaster drunk lol
  14. There is a fairly large area outside the front gate that doesn't get used for all that much. Just some tables and benches. You could easily put it there and not impede on traffic. In terms of reentry, I'd say a hand stamp, but that's unsanitary. So I'd suggest a small disposable unique ticket or your season pass.
  15. The park served brats, mets, and sauerkraut in the Bier Garten, but maybe 1 or 2 people ordered them per day if that. It was a combination of people not knowing it existed and it being pretty expensive. Wings were fairly common though. On slow days, I would make them to order since it was extremely likely nobody would buy one. I'm pretty sure they don't serve them there anymore. Gotta admit though, the sausages and sauerkraut were pretty good, so give the canteen a try.
  16. Not sure what photo was posted as I didnt see, but I must say. I wandered back to Orion cause I was curious to see the changes to the area, and there's a lot of extra theming now. It looks super cool in person, and the lift hill is pretty intimidating. Can't wait until I can help fulfill most of your short term dreams by working at the coaster :) I didnt go in the queue line since I wanted to save some surprise for myself, but I don't think you'll be disappointed with how they're doing the area There's still some loose ends to tie up though for a bit, so I wouldn't expect any pictures/video/webcam action for a week or so, potentially more.
  17. KI actually draws most of its guests from Hamilton county since it's much bigger.
  18. You can go to an independent restaurant and ask them to order some for you. You can also purchase them individually online too. I think Sam's club might have them too.
  19. Oh I know, it's like $25 for the halves and $40 for the fulls. I was talking about the traditional fountain drinks where the 5gal are $50
  20. At that point, it might just be cheaper to install a fountain and buy the BiB of your favorite sodas
  21. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/welcoming-you-back/when-youre-in-the-park
  22. Interesting, it looks like KI is allowing those rest areas like Universal, and you can only take the mask off on water rides or dining otherwise. Another thing is that some attractions might not be open. I'm assuming that this is because of staffing, but maybe it's harder to follow cdc guidelines on some compared to others.
  23. The indoor launch has to be one of my favorite things on a coaster
  24. inb4 Flight of Fear POV with the lights off
  25. Took a look at the webcam just now, and there seems to be quite a bit of activity!
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