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  1. I'm wondering about this too. We haven't heard anything as of yet either way
  2. Yeah, ok, that looks super nice. Love the color
  3. I do kind of wish they went with a bright orange track color with either blue or green supports. Not sure which one would look better though, I guess I just like orange track lol
  4. Oh yeah, there was already a water game before The Racer entrance, they're just adding new prizes to it. Also, visited the park today. Didn't go inside, but got a good look at Orion. It really does look a lot bigger in person, even from the parking lot.
  5. Wow, I really didn't think they would win the case. Wonder if the state is going to appeal
  6. To be fair, the HIV treatment never had the majority of the world's focus on developing a cure for it.
  7. Oooooo, that might be just the ticket I'm looking for. I also use surgical masks too
  8. I would feel more comfortable if park guests would wear masks. My biggest issue is preventing my glasses from fogging though as I can never get the mask to fit just right. Trying to find solutions for it, but I could imagine that that's quite a significant amount of people's major concern.
  9. I think I'm gonna steal that lol, good thinking!
  10. Yeah, the first day booked up in about an hour. I actually could've gotten the last 2 spots for the entire day if I wanted to lol. I checked back on Wednesday and the next open date for a weekend is like the 20th with not that many spots left. I'm predicting that we will see the park fully booked for the first week of operations, and then another week or so when ticketing opens up. After that, pent up demand will likely have been satiated. We might not be seeing that many reservation spots from WoF because people can only reserve 1 day at a time. I think it's very likely that the people who go a couple days a week will take up the remaining spots after they had their day in the park.
  11. I don't think it's rough at all. The restraints could be improved a bit, but I do enjoy the current trains
  12. Health screening location? So you will have to go somewhere before going to the park?
  13. That's good to hear. If I can use the reservation system, then that means I can do one at KI and one at CP! The graph displayed there is the total number of cases. I'm unsure if it's going up or not, but take a look at the daily hospitalization numbers for a more clear picture.
  14. Ah yeah, that would make more sense. Suppose it makes sense that they would want to redo the queue line for FoF. Was a bit outdated
  15. Is there a van apart of Orion's theming? Interesting
  16. Suppose you're right. Plus they could always space out the 32 over the first 3 trains, so you can still call it "first on the train"
  17. I think they kinda have to, they advertised it as the top 32 would be on the 1st train.
  18. May as well cut out the middle man and just have security in the lines to be lines observers.
  19. Yeah, I was only offered coasters and snoopy. Wonder if my past experience at the park had anything to do with it. Or my age lol
  20. Yeah, just found out a bit ago. Seemed like the most appealing one of the options I was given. Being a first year ride op and whatnot. You'll all have to come by and say hi lol
  21. Neat, so it looks like masks will be required at Cedar Fair properties for the time being. They may relax the policy later in the season, we will have to see. I'm slightly dreading working at Orion if I have to enforce these guidelines with it being new and all. Oh well, it'll be fine. Should be a good time for most if not all nonetheless
  22. It's actually pretty nice to be in the park in the morning before it opens. Music doesn't start playing until roughly an hour before open, so until then, everything is nice and peaceful. It's quite the experience. Same goes with about an hour after close too when the music shuts off
  23. Had it when before I was an employee, plus with the way the refund system works, I won't be eligible for that.
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