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  1. demolish Junklot stunt coaster, build a new, bigger, better version of Phantom Theater with over 200 animatronics and an actual theater you get to walk through after the ride is over with skeletons and dead people sitting in the seats. demolish Invertigo, the outdoor theater and congo falls, put in a wing coaster in that spot. put a ground up single rail GCI where Vortex once stood, I would make it themed to a snowy mountain and call it "Polar Vortex" demolish the tomb raider building and put in a bigger and better version of Congo falls, give it an indoor section with zombie animatronics and call "Zombies of Kenton Cove.
  2. Also worth mentioning that 0.4% of the worlds population is a little over 3 million people. I know it seems like a small percentage but when its viral and you realize just how many people could die, it becomes obvious why we are taking so many precautions
  3. That would be a great improvement!! Coney mall area already has tons of rides for smaller kids, why not add one to area 72 so they can enjoy the theming of that area as well?
  4. I dont think its likely, but I would LOVE to see them demolish tomb raiders old building and somehow incorporate that into whatever new ride goes into Vortexs plot. It would be neat a coaster to fly over the entryway for beast or something along those lines
  5. I really dont think the ride is uncomfortable or shakey at all... its not silky smooth but its also not painful. I just recently watched a youtube video where someone criticized Banshees rattle and people in the comments were defending it, claiming they didnt notice any rattle. I realize thats anecdotal but I think the GP dont notice any level of discomfort, Banshee constantly has long lines during busy season, if thats any indicator.
  6. for real, this ride needs some better theming, maybe some new characters and statues? doesnt even need to be animatronics or anything crazy, just some new lights and decorations, thats all.
  7. no theyre not going to build a hospital there but if they did, it would be pretty rad, It would be short trip from Adventure Express to the hospital so I can get spinal surgery immediately after
  8. has anyone noticed how torn up the tables are at the food stand near Orion? didnt they just get built this year? its kind of sad to see them already looking abused and worn out
  9. I also greyed out during the helix, not sure why
  10. I had to spend about 30 minutes inside a concession stand, it was fun, people were passing out drinks and singing "Country Roads"
  11. well its been about 18 days since I was denied a ride on Orion, and I managed to lose 15 pounds and got my first ride today, and it was absolutely incredible, very fast and intense, the floater airtime is incredible and the drop is easily the best part of the ride. It was worth every sacrifice I had to make to ride it. Then immediately after we were ushered into the concession stand as the park went on lockdown...
  12. it really just depends on the ride ops and whether they will staple you in or not
  13. I fit in the test seat but not the ride??? oh well, more incentive I guess
  14. does anyone know how many clicks to fit in the seat?
  15. is orion like other BM coasters where certain rows have larger seats?
  16. i have my season passes and reservation tickets linked to the app but I dont see the option to take the health screening? someone help please
  17. honestly, Ive been waiting so long for a KI giga, and then watching construction everyday, and then having the opening date pushed back, at this point waiting in line for a few hours is nothing to me
  18. if you wanted to defog your glasses for a minute then why wouldnt you ...take the glasses off...??? been wearing glasses my whole life, i wouldnt take my mask off to defog them
  19. I dont think its necessary to paint black burn marks, the meteor speaks for itself
  20. Im always a supporter of more theming but the burn marks on FoF exterior dont look great... other than that, everything looks amazing!
  21. Kings Island is such a beautiful park, and this only adds to it, hopefully one day Vortex spot will be filled and junk lot coaster will be gone and the park will be PERFECT
  22. amazing how close the two are, I can only imagine how difficult it was to build roller coasters before simulation software
  23. It is, this was confirmed a while ago
  24. thank you, this makes a lot more sense
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