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  1. Nope. Lots of people file patents that never actually get put into production. I imagine that'll happen with this one.
  2. Thanks, Walt! For curiosity, I timed the train from the midpoint at the top of the lift until it is on the brake-run. ~51 or 52 seconds. Really hoping that the ops are spectacular, this thing could eat people up with a constant 3 train op.
  3. I doubt that KI is running the actual wheels that the ride will normally use. Usually testing happens on harder, nylon wheels before switching them out for softer wheels with a higher rolling resistance.
  4. Still am a big fan of OTR. They're wonderful human-beings and even better songwriters. But, Orion is short enough of a name. No Nickname required.
  5. I think the irony was missed of that quote consistently being misattributed to Franklin, and using it in this discussion as such. I used it in jest. However, if someone wants to point a camera at KI, cool, whatever. If no one does, cool, whatever. I cannot think of something that matters any less than if some one does, or doesn't do that. Edit/Addition: As far as getting back on topic, I'm all for that. But this thread is literally titled, "Orion Construction Photos." And since the park is very selectively releasing multimedia for us to consume (which is fine, they're allowed to operate as such), we're left with discussing providing our own material.
  6. "It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority." - Not Benjamin Franklin
  7. I could see the turn of the first hill coming down this afternoon and then the second hill/turn all being pulled inwards on itself pretty quickly over the next day or two.
  8. Exit of the turn into the double loops has come down. Not too much left
  9. Down went the top of the lift.
  10. Ugh. No bueno. I had a dream last night I somehow arrived at the park for the last of the demolition. It was a bitter sweet dream.
  11. It's still there, the sun is just directly behind the structure and flooding the lens with light.
  12. You can see the sections definitively in the WeatherBug cam right now.
  13. I was insanely lucky to be at the media day for Son of Beast. I was in 6th grade, an ACE member, and was a winner of the local ACE 'contest' to be invited... and my school happened to be closed that day. As other people have mentioned, the first few rides were truly something else. As much as I loved that ride, including all of it's issues, I'm glad that it's time came to and end before the era of RMC's. Kings Island has a brilliant line up. Just about every coaster that's come and gone from KI has had a fairly profound impact on the entire amusement park industry. It would be insanely interesting to see a RMC Son of Beast, but I think becoming part of folklore with The Bat, King Cobra, Vortex, & Firehawk (phantom theater... etc.) is so much better.
  14. Maybe they'll put a roof over the first drop like Ghost Rider to help with noise. /s
  15. My understanding was that they got all of those problems worked out and that it was closed due to a shift in the parks vision? But, wudda I know...
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