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  1. That's more like Cedar Point's 150 Years.
  2. Well, as far as I'm concerned.....The fights that the troublemakers caused...... I have realized this has been an ongoing problem already now but I can see why the loud, unruly, obnoxious brats (teens) have been looking for trouble by harass and distract while in queue lines when people are trying to ride different rides... With that said, it makes me sick to my stomach knowing the problems has gotten out of hand and apparently got worse so that's already problematic as far as I'm concerned. It makes me mad knowing the bad parents don't care at all about it.....It's obvious to me that the unruly teens don't give a crap and wanted to start a brawl..... Seriously, that's a serious problem. My point is that I would like to recommend this to Kings Island that there are consequences for unruly teens' misbehavior as well as including brawls, using foul language and some sort. What's more is they will get hit with very severe punishment from Warren County courthouse with judge along with Kings Island & Cedar Fair.....that will put unruly teens away into state prison and yes, if they have Kings Island Gold Pass or Cedar Fair Platinum Pass, it's going to be shut down, revoked and deactivated for good and they will NOT be eligible to renew season passes for the foreseeable future. That's exactly what part of the ban/exclusion will do to the teens.... And finally, once they are being put into state prison or juvenile detention....both of that will teach the teens a lesson not to cause trouble again. I agree with Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell when I watched the news about it last year.....He's giving them a warning.....Do not come to Kings Island....if they do, they're going to jail, period.
  3. Absolutely agreed.....I love what Kings Island's doing for the 50th Anniversary Golden Celebration.....Really, I enjoyed being at my beloved Cedar Fair home park, Kings Island last week got everything related to the 50th Anniversary consisted of my own Kings Island 50th Anniversary gold all season bottle (similar to Cedar Point's 150 Years), program guide/map, King Crown hat, 50th Anniversary schedule card and finally my Kings Island 50th Anniversary Birthday Bash button.... I put my Kings Island 50th Anniversary Birthday Bash button/pin on my Orion lanyard last week and it's still there with me.
  4. I will be there next week.....with my friend... See you inside the park next week for the big party!
  5. Just about everything related to Kings Island's 50th Anniversary Golden Celebration Season......I'm definitely excited but looking forward to it.. Second of all, I know Kings Island has a lot of planning to do this year.... I am hopeful Kings Island will have 50th Anniversary stuff ready for the passholders in the next couple weeks....and I would love to add more buttons/pins once again this year.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if I see something like this...... Despite the fact that, I've already ordered my new 2022 special 50th Anniversary park map (two of them) for Kings Island through Guest Services so they're waiting on them right now but they will update with me when I hear from them in my future email so I know what's going on with it....
  7. Agreed....I'm glad that Cedar Fair is staying put for good!! And what's more is that Cedar Fair Parks already made the right decision and the right choice to say a BIG FAT NO to Sea World/Busch Gardens offer to takeover the Cedar Fair parks.... I'm proud of Cedar Fair parks are doing the right thing to reject Sea World/Busch Gardens's offer... That fact.
  8. ProjectSoul.....Hmmm...sounds about right....It seems that most Cedar Fair employees (including those at Kings Island) got them...... It would have been nice if the passholders were getting that.
  9. Yes, I will do that in a couple weeks...so I can be able to celebrate my 50th birthday (golden). My reviews from 2018 & 2019 for Winterfest has been outstanding and I do expect the 2021-2022 Winterfest to stay the same like 2018 and 2019.... I will shoot a photo of my birthday button in 2 weeks....
  10. Yeah, I'm thinking about coming up to Kings Island (Winterfest) for my 50th birthday in a couple weeks....
  11. Yes....good thinking. Would love to see a redesign of what Kings Island will look like.
  12. Yes, The Beast is getting new track work to make sure every ride goes smoother and less jerky.... I am sure it is going to take a while to get it back where it needs to be.
  13. Yes, he got the big cardboard cutout depicting the 1 millionth rider for Mystic Timbers along with the Mystic Timbers stuff he took home....so the answer is YES, he gets to keep everything.
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